ZTE Blade V50 Design Review, Premium Design, Simple Colors, Why Is It a Worthwhile Mobile Phone at 3,999 Baht? I will tell you!

ZTE Invading Thailand once again after a long absence a budget mobile phone has been launched. ZTE Blade V50 design This is a mobile phone that costs less than 4,000 baht and has the benefit of smooth general use. But it may not be very suitable for playing games. If you play general games when you do well this mobile phone model is great in design. There are minimalist style colors. The back cover uses glass material. Adding premium It is different from other mobile phones in the same price range that use plastic back covers. The screen is a large 6.6-inch FullHD+ resolution with a 90Hz refresh rate, which is another worthwhile point compared to the price. Additional features include a total of 3 rear cameras with a maximum resolution of 50MP, a 5000mAh battery with 22.5W fast charging technology, another 10GB virtual RAM creation feature, 1TB internal storage, and a SIM tray. Triple slot. Insert two SIM cards, up to 256GB external memory, etc. More details as below….

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Highlights of interestSpecial features

This is a budget mobile phone, at just 3,990 baht, and it’s well worth it.

As mentioned above there are many great features that make it completely different from other mobile phones in the same price range. You can call it a star. Fully absorbed by the design you don’t have to use a lot of paint, it’s simple and simple, cover it with very thick glaze. Helps prevent scratches and provides comfortable grip. But it does not leave fingerprints easily. It also comes with a full set of equipment inside the box, whether it is a charging cable, transparent case, adapter or headphones, you can say that you have already bought it. It can be used immediately There is no need to find additional equipment at all.

The display screen is large and clear at FullHD+ level.

ZTE Blade V50 design Anyone who likes to surf social media, likes to watch YouTube or different streaming services. Including light gaming, this mobile phone meets the needs very well with a 6.6-inch IPS display with FullHD+ resolution and an additional 90Hz refresh rate that is easy on the eyes. More fluids

It’s good and has other highlights but unfortunately the slides aren’t very good.

Although ZTE is part of the Unisoc chipset development team, it is not a very powerful model of the chipset. Sometimes there is a slight delay. When switching apps or running but it is full 8GB of RAM with the feature of creating virtual RAM up to 10GB, making up to 18GB of RAM, when enabled, helps in reducing the latency time a little. But what’s really good is that it offers 256GB of internal storage, which can be said to be easy to store without worrying, and you can also insert another 1TB MicroSD card.

The battery is enough to last for a day.

Mobile phone ZTE Blade V50 design There is a 5,000 mAh battery that supports 22.5W fast charging technology, and inside the box there is a 22.5W adapter also included, which means you can quickly charge to full capacity without any loss.

The camera contains up to 3 lenses, powered by artificial intelligence technology

In a set of mobile phones priced no more than 4000, there are usually only two camera lenses and the second lens is a very inefficient lens. ZTE Blade V50 designComplete with 3 camera lenses, each lens can be used to enhance photos Rear Camera: Divided into 3 lenses, details as below.

  • – 50 megapixel resolution, autofocus, f/1.8 lens aperture
  • Depth detection lens: 2 megapixel, f/2.4 lens aperture
  • Macro lens: 4 cm, 2 MP, f/2.4 aperture.
  • Front camera: 8 megapixel, f/2.2 lens aperture
  • The rear camera supports video recording at a maximum resolution of 1080p/30fps.

Sample images from the cameraSample and pictures

appearanceShape and design

For mobile ZTE Blade V50 design There are 3 shades to choose from: Beach Green, Sunrise Violet, and Diamond Black, and I have to say each color is so beautiful. When cut into the glass of the device, it is clear that the back is a perfect fit. Unfortunately, the assembly work is not smooth (Unibody), there is still a gap between the screen and the back cover of the device. Make the seams clear. So it’s not as smooth as it should be.

ZTE Blade V50 design The body size of the device is 164.96 x 76.1 x 8.3mm, which is quite thick. But it is also comfortable to hold in your hand. However, the point to consider is that the weight of the device is 207 grams, and using it for a long time can easily hurt your wrist.

6.6-inch IPS-LCD screen, 2408 x 1080 pixels resolution (FullHD+), 90 Hz refresh rate, supports up to 5 screen touch points simultaneously, above the screen there is a selfie camera lens with a hole in the middle of the screen, 8 MP resolution

The top of the device does not have a noise-cancelling microphone hole.

On the left side of the device there is a triple SIM card slot, capable of inserting two SIM cards. With up to 1TB of external memory, you don’t have to choose one at all.

On the right side of the device is the power button which has an integrated fingerprint sensor. You can set it to register up to 5 fingerprints, and next to it there are volume up and down buttons.

The back of the device contains 3 camera lens modules and the brand logo. Including different standards Unfortunately, the standard symbols are quite clear. It may distract you from its beauty.

The bottom of the device contains a microphone hole to receive voice calls, a headphone hole, and a USB Type-C port to charge the battery. Or data transfer and has a 3.5 mm headphone jack

Equipment inside the box

  • god ZTE Blade V50 design
  • USB Type C cable
  • Silicone case
  • Transducer
  • Needle to remove the SIM tray
  • Manual and warranty card

Basic specifications for ZTE Blade V50 design

  • Operating system: Android 13 covers MyOS
  • Machine size: 164.96 x 76.1 x 8.3 mm.
  • Weight: 207 grams
  • Screen: 6.6-inch IPS-LCD, resolution 2408 x 1080 pixels (FullHD+), refresh rate 90 Hz
  • Processor: Unisoc T606
  • GPU: Mali G57
  • Internal storage space: 256 GB
  • MicroSD card: up to 1TB
  • Communication system: 4G LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n 2.4GHz+5GHz, Bluetooth 5.2, GPS, GLONASS, AGPS
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Face unlock system
  • The fingerprint sensor is on the side of the device
  • Port: USB Type C
  • Rear camera: divided into 3 lenses, details are as follows.

    • – 50 megapixel resolution, autofocus, f/1.8 lens aperture
    • Depth detection lens: 2 megapixel, f/2.4 lens aperture
    • Macro lens: 4 cm, 2 MP, f/2.4 aperture.

  • Front camera: 8 megapixel, f/2.2 lens aperture
  • Battery: 5000 mAh capacity with 22.5W fast charging technology

Home screen and menu page

Shortcut menu for quick access

Turn it on by swiping down from the top screen. The first swipe will show only the basic menus, such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Flashlight, Power Saving Mode, etc. Scroll twice to show the entire quick shortcut menu. You can choose the location of the menu. Just click the edit button.

Operate the controls

Allows you to easily control the use as desired, divided into using touch gestures, 3 buttons: Back | Home | Latest applications

an offer

Menu to adjust the screen width. You can adjust the brightness or color level or choose a usage mode, such as reading mode, which makes the color tone warmer. For visual comfort in use, the time can be set and you can also change the internal font size. If anyone wants a lowercase one can change the uppercase letter in the font size menu. Including enabling tapping on the screen twice in a row to wake up the screen. Or enable hard light mode, blue light filter mode, screen zoom, etc.

Hotkey settings

More convenient to use You can adjust various usage settings, such as start, activate quick camera, choose screen capture method, etc.

Phone master

Always use it efficiently like new with features of clearing internal storage space, checking data that may damage your smartphone, personal data, etc.

Cloning applications

You can choose to use two accounts. To easily switch between personal or business user on the device, no need to download complex additional applications.

Battery saving mode

This will help you extend the time you use your smartphone. ZTE Blade V50 design For a longer period, if the battery is running out, the system will shut down unnecessary parts of the system.

Price and availability

ZTE Blade V50 design Available for sale at a price of 3,999 baht distributed across both channels.

Lazada – https://shorturl.asia/pjDat
Shoppe – https://shorturl.asia/sK8GC

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