“Khemjira” was upset, paid 58 million baht to buy gold, took a photo with “Park Seo Joon”, only saw the sign, listened to the famous store’s answer, and became even more dizzy.

“Khemjira” is asking for vent, she paid 58 million to buy gold and got a picture of herself with Park Seo Joon, she only saw the sign and a famous store called to tell her. Pictures with artists are already like this.

The drama erupts from the case of a popular department store holding a “Golden Moment, Never Rest with Park Seo Joon” campaign for fans with the highest spending amounts. Attending a close-up event with the young actor from Korea Park Seo Joon with 2500 seats, the top 5 people occupying the position of Top Spender (highest spending amount) will be given the right to compete in an individual competition – one photo.

Latest Ms. Kemjira Athanukul A beautiful, rich and sexy young CEO from Phayao City. This has been the trend since the beginning of the activity. In the matter of buying and selling gold to increase purchases until he finally paid 58 million baht, becoming one of the people who held the position of Top Spender and revealing this. “Unaffected” by what happened at the event, he explained

Today, Khemjira requires some space to vent. At first, I thought I wouldn’t spend more time with others because I thought I had met someone I liked. Who’s going to complain about how bad my job is? We didn’t care. But when you saw the picture of the couple what did it mean? Everyone, we pay the difference in gold. Wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars. But what I got is

1. The whole work day is a rush. Many people have commented that Lotus only sells its own products and does not feature many artists. This is correct.

2. When receiving the card, it was the 2nd to 5th card, we all switched, so it was worse than 2-5 movie ticket checkers, and the amount was 40 million++ per person.

3. The couple photo is a very big tag photo, we made the total amount up to 1-5 so that we can take a photo with him. But the picture that came was a picture of a sign. We all had to zoom in and see each other.

Finally, I am very sad and disappointed with Team Lotus.

Or if you want to see your logo should it be just this? No taking photos of the signs Then, the next day, you can just take a photo of the sign and send it to us, as we edited our photos ourselves.

Regarding the 1:1 photo, I was sad from the moment I lined up to take the photo. It’s like I don’t know what to do. There is no coordinating officer. I only heard the word “don’t touch the artist.” There was only one person calling to stand at the designated place. When Soojun was released, the photos were taken by a camera that had been put aside. It was all over quickly. Someone called us down. Seojun was pulled back.

I understand this is probably the Korean team’s rule. But I’m curious. Our Thai team where have you all gone? I’m looking for people to ask what should I do, how many shots should I take? Nobody is interested in us.

Even when taking group photos, I saw that there were officials waiting to coordinate. Waiting to arrange the pose for you, but when there were 5 of us taking the photo, no one else was there. Very random, I’m so sorry

I would like to ask those of you who only took one photo, a photo with the artist, to please tell me what it looks like. Please put the picture here for me. Because the store called us and said Pictures with artists are already like this.

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