ZIGA leads the “Cryptocurrency Mining Stocks” team that works hard! Bitcoin price exceeds $44,000

Reporters reported the stock price today (December 6, 2023) at 10:00 AM SIKA INNOVATION PUBLIC LIMITED OR Zija At the level of 2.70 baht plus 0.22 baht, representing 8.87%, the highest at 2.72 baht, and the lowest at 2.60 baht, with a trading value of 42.63 million baht.

Share price Broker Group PLC or Brooke At the level of 0.50 baht plus 0.04 baht, or 8.70%, the highest at 0.50 baht, the lowest at 0.48 baht, with a trading value of 21.62 million baht.

MVision Public Company Limited or best player At the level of 1.50 baht plus 0.10 baht, or 7.14%, the highest at 1.53 baht, the lowest at 1.48 baht, with a trading value of 4.41 million baht.

Xspring Capital Public Limited Or XPG At the level of 1.10 baht plus 0.03 baht, or 2.80%, the highest at 1.10 baht, and the lowest at 1.09 baht, with a trading value of 5.22 million baht.

Bitcoin stock price continued to rise after the site Currency standards (currency measures) It was reported that the price of Bitcoin rose above $44,000 for the first time since April 2022. this morning (December 6), driven by investor expectations that the US will approve the creation of a Bitcoin spot investment fund early next year.

The price of Bitcoin rose to $44,903.45, its highest level since April 7, 2022, with today’s rally sending the price of Bitcoin up more than 160% since the beginning of this year.

Bitcoin is being supported by expectations that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will allow several companies to do so including BlackRock creating a Spot Bitcoin ETF for the first time in the US in January next year.

Analysts expect Bitcoin to continue its upward trend. This was a positive factor from the Bitcoin halving phenomenon, which experts expect to occur in March and May. 2567

A Bitcoin halving is a decrease in the number of Bitcoins mined and released into the market. The amount is halved every 4 years.

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