Former Speaker of the National Assembly ‘Fogin’ advocates amendment of Article 256 to open loopholes in constitutional resolution.

On December 6, in Parliament, Mr. Parith Vatsarasindu, list MP, spokesperson of the Progressive Party, interviewed on the Parliamentary Program on the amendment of the Constitution.Move Forward Party is looking at holding a referendum before amending the Constitution twice. But we accept that those who are of different opinion now, who think that three plebiscites should be held, may be due to political reasons and the reason for the non-approval of the proposed constitutional amendment bill in the upcoming parliament. Therefore, if the progressive party proposes it for the first time to hold a referendum, there should be 1 main question and 2 additional questions. As for the 2 additional questions by the Constitution Drafting House (MP) which does not change the form of government, it will resolve the issue of various opinions ie whether MPs agree or not all MPs are elected and the issue of not amending Article 1 and Article 2

“When the results of the referendum come out, whatever they are, the acceptance and compliance of the members of Parliament is like saying that Article 1 and Article 2 of the referendum have not been amended. “The Forward Party is ready to follow the decision of the referendum,” Mr. Britt said.

Fokin Pongkul, former Speaker of the National Assembly, Mr. Chairman of the National Strategy Committee, said the Thai Sangh Thai Party said the difficulty of the referendum is that it requires a majority vote of more than half of those eligible and those who come to vote for approval. So it’s not easy. And if you have additional questions that may not pass but do not touch Section 1 and Section 2, you should be careful because there may be people who disagree. They did not come out to fulfill their rights. If there are no questions related to the above issue. There will be a campaign to encourage people not to exercise their rights. So what I think is a lot of thinking together, thinking, thinking, thinking in a complex way. He thought it might not be fixed.

“First we have to get this rift out. If you think about problems, you have to think a lot. Maybe after thinking about it, it’s still in the same place. Therefore, the constitution should be amended. How about polling if you think critically? If Article 256 is not amended casually, I think this country cannot survive. The lives of the people involved are impossible. Therefore, we should recommend that section 256 should be amended to normal. The rest can be done,” Mr. Bogin said.

Mr. The Prime Minister’s Deputy Secretary-General said a committee to study the government’s referendum guidelines during Chan’s Rungdanakiyad is ready to make a decision in early 2024 and submit it for the government’s consideration. The committee found it necessary to make amendments. But now it is under consideration. There has been a lot of discussion going on in the community for the last 2-3 months. For example earlier there was a proposal from the Progressive Party, but recently it has been modified according to feedback. . And although the Progressive Party did not agree to participate in the committee set up by the government, it is currently being rectified. This shows that coordination and adjustment of cooperation were together. Ultimately it is hoped that it will be stable and the referendum will be accepted by both government supporters and the opposition. Please have faith in government work. Didn’t kick it. It is believed that taking the required amount of time and taking into account the use of non-wasteful state budgets will be the process of moving towards constitutional amendment.

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