Zelensky fires his attorney general and defense chief

“I have decided to relieve the Prosecutor General” Iryna Venediktova, “and the head of the Security Services” (SBU) Ivan Bakanov from their duties, Mr. Zelensky said, adding that Russia continues to bombard Ukrainians in several cities. The announcement comes ahead of an EU meeting aimed at tightening economic sanctions against Moscow.

Ukrainian authorities are investigating more than 650 cases of treason by local authorities, including 60 in areas occupied by Russian and pro-Russian forces, he added in his evening speech.

Installed links

“Such large-scale crimes against the foundations of national security and established links between Ukrainian law enforcement authorities and Russian special services raise very serious questions for the leaders involved. Each of these questions will be answered,” he continued.

Ms. Venediktova led the inquiry into alleged atrocities in the city of Bautza, a northwest suburb of Kiev that has become “a symbol of crime in the eyes of the West” at the beginning of the invasion by Russian forces in the Russian war in Ukraine.

‘Pay full price’

On Monday, EU foreign ministers will discuss tougher sanctions against Moscow, as the series of salvos that have followed so far have hit Russia hard economically without backing down or abandoning its aggression. February 24.

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