World Cup: Drunk with joy, relieved, millions of Argentina players in the streets


UniversalMillions of Argentines in the streets drank merrily and relaxed

On Sunday afternoon, millions of people invaded the country’s squares, streets, like the arteries of Buenos Aires, a huge crowd drunk with joy and overturned …

Argentina players celebrate their team’s victory at the World Cup in Buenos Aires on December 18, 2022.


Everyone wants to be there and live this moment, the long wait since the last title (1986) and it will be unforgettable, it will be told from generation to generation. People of all ages, from babies to elders, shout, jump, dance endlessly and create memories in unison.

“I am 35 years old. I waited 35 years to experience this moment. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been waiting 35 years for this lifelong dream,” shouted Sonia Palacios, an Argentine flag draped around her neck. “We love football, we love Argentina. I’m happy to know that people are happy. I’m happy that this country is moving forward, despite the economy, it can move forward in everything,” he said passionately.

After Monteil’s last successful conviction, an increase in chants, fireworks, drums, foghorns, and horns endlessly disputed the soundscape of the capital.

“Choice of Gracias”

Without even waiting for Lionel Messi to lift the trophy in Doha, thousands, tens of thousands, soon flocked to the Obelisk, the capital’s iconic monument and traditional venue for sporting celebrations.

According to several Argentinian media, they were still more than a million at the start of the night, while the 67.5-meter-high obelisk served as a giant screen for projections between images of the players, “Gracias Selection” (Thanks for the selection). Especially the idol Messi, the match activities and the national flag.

The city centre, 2 km on either side, was closed to traffic while fireworks lit up the sky in a continuous bronga. The night promises to be long, as the party has just begun and will culminate with the heroes’ return to Buenos Aires, scheduled for late Monday.

“It brings great joy to the entire country. We deserve it,” reiterated 29-year-old Gustavo Barreiro. “We are a victimized country, so it’s good to breathe a little of this happiness,” he added, referring to Argentina’s thousand and one ills, from chronic inflation to tense political polarization.

“Suffering is our destiny! No need to be from Argentina!” Joel Chiarello told AFP, between joy and emotion, still in disbelief. “We were born to suffer. That’s what we are, Argentinians. But we keep moving forward. That’s how this country is!” Manuel Erazo, a street vendor of cooler-carried beers, was delighted.

In a country where inflation is close to 100% by 2022, a big party to improve the standard of living, like him, many expected and expected. Hundreds line the barillas (barbecues) set up on beer, burgers, even grilled sausages.

“Dream Come True”

Chairman Alberto Fernandez congratulated the team in a tweet after the game “Always together, always united. We are world champions. Nothing more to say”. “History”, “Endless Party”, “Eternal Glory”, “Dream Fulfilled”: the banners of the televisions competed in the superlatives.

At 9 de Julio Avenue, where one of the widest obelisks in the world (140 m) was planted, hands shook the sky with songs closely linked to soccer in Argentina, which everyone knows by heart. “Somos Campiones!” The classic “Sui Argentino, es un sentimento, no puedo parar!” With is now on a supporter’s playlist. “I’m from Argentina, it’s a feeling, I can’t stop!”) chanted loudly on giant screens in a park, stadium, beach, Mar del Plata, Atlantic, Juju during the match. At the foot of the Andes and in the Argentine Pampas.

The song of the year, “Muchachos,” played on a loop and became the unofficial anthem of Argentina supporters at this World Cup. She shouted at the top of her lungs to cover “Marseillaise” at the start of the match, calling out both the Albiceleste, Maradona, Messi and the Falklands. A verse after a win has been changed and now reads “Now we’ve won the third, we’re world champions again” instead of “I want to win the third, I want to be world champions”.

A little before midnight, the crowds thinned out a bit, and families with younger children were returning, who would have to work harder on Monday. But the world champions at the start of the evening in Buenos Aires on Monday announced what will undoubtedly be “the biggest celebration to come”, predicted 57-year-old Adriana Nunez. “We’re waiting for them, and of course they are too.”


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