'Windows 11 24H2' will officially remove WordPad – easy instructions on how to restore it or use an alternative

From the original news previously submitted, he has already disappeared. 'WordPad' has been removed from Windows 11 Insider Preview – BT Beartai

At the time it was removed from Windows 11 Insider Preview, the latest beta build from Build 26020 in the Canary channel. The full version of Windows 11 to be released in 2024, “Windows 11 24H2,” which includes Windows Server 2025, will officially remove WordPad. It was first included in Windows 95 in 1995, replacing Type, the previous simple word processor that was included in the first version of Windows until Windows 3.11.

So, this time I can say it will definitely happen. Microsoft has clearly confirmed this, and the consequences will be that there will be no basic software to open .doc .docx .rtf files with Windows, even though there will not be any basic software to open .doc .docx.rtf files. It is said to use Notepad You can replace it, but we tested it. You can only open .txt files instead because when you try to use Notepad to open .docx and .rtf files the result is as shown in the image.

But Microsoft is trying to push Word Online as an alternative, which is already available and free.

But many people may not like it and have not purchased a license for MS Office, so they do not use Word Online and do not have Word installed on their machines. But I want to find something that can be used to open and read documents easily, and there are people who are unhappy with this as well.

How to restore the notebook

However, someone has made it possible to restore WordPad by going to the website. win7games.com On the WordPad download page, you can install it and use it again right away.

A small, lightweight, free program that does not take up much space. Is there anything that can replace WordPad and is suitable for installation on a computer that does not have the Office suite installed?

Another free program from Microsoft may “forgotten” A small program that can be installed on the device to open and read .rtf .doc .docx files (it can only be opened and read. But it is much better compatible with .doc .docx files than WordPad)

Currently, Microsoft no longer allows downloads of this software. But we still have the file.

Download Microsoft Word Viewer for free from here.

AndDon't forget to download the package that allows you to open .docx files for Word 2007 and later as well, click here.

If you want a program that can edit .rtf .doc .docx document files then it is free and has a lot of basic features. But it takes up a little more than 13MB of space on the device. We found this program “AbleWord” and tried opening a slightly more complicated Word file, but it was still able to edit and save just fine. You can open and edit basic PDF files as well. (But from testing, it's not very good. It's better to focus on opening and editing files (.rtf .doc .docx)

Download AbleWord for free from the AbleWord website. Download AbleWord

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