March 31 Check Highlights “Football builds bond between Chula – Thammasat” – Schedule: PPTVHD36

March 31, “Football ties between Chula and Thammasat University” Highlights – Activity Schedule – List of celebrities attending the event.

We believe there should be work between “Chulalongkorn University” and “Thammasat University” when talking about the important activities of the two institutions. “Shula-Thammasad Traditional Football” and “Shula-Thammasad Relationship Football” will surely pop up.

This Weekend (March 31, 2024) Sunday Season “Shula – Thammasat Football Ties 2024” or “CU-TU Unity Football Tournament 2024”

So let's check. What will be the highlights of this year's event? What does the activity schedule look like? And which celebrities and artists will be participating? And if interested to go see it, we can book tickets. Or how to travel?

What is “football relations between Shula and Dhammasat”?

“Shula – Thammasat Football Ties” is a football match between Chulalongkorn University. and Thammasat University to strengthen the relationship between the two institutions.

It is different “Chula-Thammasad Traditional Football” is an activity organized by the Chula student governing body. and organized by Thammasat University Student Organisation. It's not like a traditional football event. The Alumni Associations of both institutions will take turns hosting the event.

Event Highlights “Football Strengthens Ties Between Chula and Dhammasad”

This time, “Football Ties between Chula and Thammasat Universities” was held in collaboration with the students of the two institutions, with the following interesting highlights:

  • New Type Font Students are no longer forced to take a stand
  • All football players on the field are current students of Chula – Thammasat University.
  • The parade with the central theme “Unity for Sustainability” signifies the unity of the two organizations in projecting the concept of sustainability to the society.
  • A parade filled with the DNA of Dhammasam The procession with the theme “Back Time” will cover the details leading up to Dhammasam today.
  • With the theme of “Unlimited Possibilities”, the Chulalongkorn parade has potential for every human being. In creating the world from one's own point of view
  • Special closing concert by hot T-POP artists like “DICE” and “4EVE”.

Table for “Football ties between Chula and Thammasat University”.

This year is a football event that strengthens the bond between Chula and Dhammasat. Held on March 31, 2024 at Subachalasai Maidan. National Theatre

Functional details are as follows:

  • Parade from 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
  • 3:00pm – 3:30pm Opening Ceremony
  • 3:30 – 4:00 PM Performance during Opening Ceremony (Soccer players practice before getting ready for the match.)
  • 16.20 – 16.30 Introductory ceremony of coaches and football players.
  • 16.30 – 18.25 hours football match starts to strengthen the relationship between Shula and Thammasat, including letters from LED screens, performances by Thammasat side. and performances from the Chula side including the Entertainment Division, Thammasat University/CU Devil.
  • 18.25 – 18.50 Opening ceremony, presentation of medals and trophies.
  • 6:50 pm – 7:20 pm closing program from Chula side. And the closing performance from the Dhammasad side
  • 19.20 – 22.30 Concerts by Thammasat artists DICE and Shula artists 4EVE.

Check the names of celebrities and artists who have attended the event.

Sula page

  • Puwin – Puwin Dongchagyunyen
  • Th – Thondavan Tandivejkul
  • Gemini – Noravit Didikaro
  • Pream – Sanikarn Thangoptee
  • Barcode – Darinsit Itsaraphongphon
  • Huang – Nattawadee Fibobonsai
  • Friend – Peerakrit Bacharapunyakyat
  • Sky – Alisha Sripratak
  • Ryu – Inkarat Damrongsakul
  • Thanks
  • Mick – Chethanan Fonvanit
  • Mac – Suphanat Phonwaravanich
  • 4EVE

Thammasat side

  • Nat – Natacid Uyexit
  • Ginger Chilli – Surayares Yagares
  • Satang – Thrisa Preachdangit
  • Copper – Purivat Chotirtanasak
  • Xiang Xiang – Phonsuang Ruayruen
  • Belly – Jiratsaya kitwornsakul
  • Dice

Channels for viewing work

  • Subachalasai Stadium National Stadium from 2:00 PM onwards.
  • AIS PLAY is free to watch from 2:00 p.m.

How to Travel to Subachalasai Stadium

  • BTS : Get off at National Stadium Station and take Exit 2.
  • Bus: 15, 47, 67, 73, 73ก. Get off at the stop in front of the National Stadium.
  • Boat: Take a boat on the San Chep Canal, disembark at “Saban Hua Sang Pier” and walk straight to the Bangkok Art Gallery, crossing the footpath to reach the National Stadium.
  • Parking: MBK Center Shopping Centre, Xuan Luang Square and Am Park Chula.

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