What is a good safety shoes brand 2024, strong, shock-resistant, slip-resistant?

Safety shoesOr safety shoes are stronger and more durable shoes than regular shoes. Made to help protect your feet from accidents that may occur while working, such as objects falling on your feet. Prevents slippage Protects against chemicals and heat Suitable for wearing in construction work. Diverse industrial jobs or areas at risk

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Recommended 10 Safety Shoes What is a good brand in 2024, strong and up to standard?

1. Pangolin safety shoe model 2012C

This Pangolin safety shoe features a sneaker-like design. It comes with a 200 joule steel head, which helps protect against impacts very well. The shoes are made using genuine tanned cowhide leather. It is exceptionally soft. Helps with good ventilation. It makes it comfortable to wear and there is no musty smell. Three sole

2. Safety Jogger model RAPTOR S1P

The Safety Jogger RAPTOR S1P is a composite toe safety boot with a puncture resistant fiber mat. Provides impact protection equivalent to 200 steel toe safety shoes, making the shoe lightweight. Wear it to walk more comfortably. You also don't have to take off your shoes when entering the metal detector. The insole is made of sponge, soft to the touch, and helps reduce shock in the heel area. Chemical resistant outsole has good heat resistance and helps prevent static electricity.


These safety shoes from SKECHERS feature an Arch Fit® insole designed for foot support. Helps absorb shock and distribute weight. It makes you not feel tired after wearing it. Compound toe. Does not contain metal. Helps prevent shock. Extra thick outsole helps increase traction. Non-slip and helps prevent electricity hazard.


Steel toe safety boots help protect against shocks of up to 200 joules. The sole is made of rubber, which helps prevent slipping, and is reinforced with steel plates. Helps prevent punctures and stitching around the edge of the rubber sole. For increased durability it is also designed to be of wide width. Do not put pressure on the feet. Helps to wear more comfortably.

5. Keto safety shoes model BR14

Kito steel toe safety shoes can withstand 200 joules of impact. The shoes are made of PVC composite leather, which makes the shoes sturdy, durable and can be worn for a long time. The pattern at the bottom is designed to increase adhesion. It prevents slipping, is resistant to chemicals, oil and fire, and can withstand heat up to 175 degrees.

6. Midori Anzen Safety Shoe Model ACF211

Midori Anzen safety shoes are made of PU leather, which is strong, soft and durable. Helps protect against 200 joules impacts, double layer thick sole, soft, comfortable and flexible. It helps you to wear it while walking or standing for a longer period. It also sticks well to surfaces. It also helps prevent static electricity.

7. Zero7 STORM safety shoe

The Zero7 safety shoe, model STORM, features a sneaker design. But it provides excellent foot protection. There is reflective tape to increase safety at night. Steel-reinforced toe area. Helps prevent injuries that may result from falling objects and hitting your feet. Soft and comfortable sole helps absorb sweat and provide good ventilation. Does not cause bad odor to shoes. The outsole is made of rubber to prevent slipping.


These slip-on safety shoes come with steel covering the toe. The shoes are made using microfiber material, which is durable and waterproof and the outsole is made of rubber to prevent slipping and is hydrocarbon resistant. It helps prevent static electricity. These safety shoes are easy to clean. It can be washed by washing machine at a water temperature not exceeding 30 degrees.

9. YAMADA Safety Shoe Model PLS5

PU leather safety shoes with steel toe caps. Supports shocks up to 200 joules. The sole is a thick rubber sole that helps absorb shock and helps prevent slipping. The inside of the shoes is lined with soft fabric, which makes it comfortable to wear and does not hurt your feet.

10. OZUKA TacticFit Safety Shoes

Safety shoes sneaker design that can be worn for work and travel. It is lightweight and very flexible. The shoe head is covered with steel. Prevent collisions and shocks The interior of the shoe is soft, comfortable and breathable. The soles are non-slip rubber soles. Doesn't wear out easily. There is also reflective tape. Helps increase safety even more.

These are 10 safety shoes recommended by Thairath Shopping. Each model provides standard foot protection. Available in both steel and composite heads. Some models also feature beautiful designs, such as sports shoes. It can be worn in daily life or while traveling. If you like any pair? You can order from the above menu instantly. Or choose to see other models on Shopee and Lazada.

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