Entertainment – “Channel 7HD” launches the boxing program “ONE Lumpini 64 – Fairtex Fight EXTREME boxing program”

Tuesday, May 21, 2024 at 2:16 pm

Logo card:

There is only one winner” Channel 7HD invites you to support Muay Thai in 3 famous stages on Friday and meet ONE Lumpini 64 in the main match.“Kobladam, S.J. Biak Uthai“Kiamaran Nabati” staplers, tensioned from Russia.side “Parham Kirati”3 fights unbeaten, ready to fight “Jordan Godfredsen” While on SaturdayBoxing Vertex FightIt reproduces Extreme” Submitmain match”Sing orders Pa Lok Boonmi to exchange punches. Yasser Karamipour” and in conclusionSunday, Mai Mai Muay Thai fans meet “Muay Thai 7 Colors” tear off all the glitter as usual.

this weekchannel 7HD Delivering fun to satisfy boxing fans at full capacity, starting withFriday May 24Let's see who will continue on the global pathOne Lumpinee 64Led by the main left pair, Meteor. Kulabdam SJ Byak Uthai Volunteer in Al-DabsaKimran Nabati Screwed from Russia The other couple asked to cancel the contract. Parham Kirati3 battles undefeated, ready to fight Jordan
Along with many other exciting boxing pairings, this event will be an intense battle. It definitely goes through the screen.

Join to watch the live broadcast from Lumpini Boxing Stadium (Ramintra) in HD.channel7HDHe presses 35Live online BOGABOO.TVFrom 8:30 p.m. Additionally, sports fans can follow a live broadcast of Time19.30 n. Via Facebook: Ch7HD / Ch7HD News / Ch7HD Sports and YouTube: Ch7HD You can book tickets to watch boxing in the stadium in advance via www.thaiticketmajor.comFollow more details via https://www.ch7.com/one-championshipFacebook: Ch7HD/ONE Championship Thailand and TERO Digital

thenSaturday time May 25This met with Fairtex Fight extreme boxing gameThe hottest fighting game on the Lumpini Boxing Stadium stage. (Ramintra) raises the level of Muay Thai to the international level, come this week and enjoy the fun with all seven boxing pairs on the program, with the main pair leading the program.Sang Ba Lok Boonmi SingingExchanging blowsYasser Karami Pour.Boxing fans turn on the screen on Channel 7HD and wait to watch the live broadcast from 10:00am onwards or cheer live online on Facebook: Fairtex Fight and can follow more details on Facebook: Ch7HD and TERO Digital.

communicate withdaySunday May 26Boxing fans, don't miss this.Thai boxing 7 colorsThis week's Muay Thai show, which has become a hugely popular weapon-supporting competition with a long history of diverse Muay Thai styles, meets the main pair.Mae Sang Kham S. Yingcharoen CarnchangMixtureSingham Fox CoffeeHe was joined in a fist fight by several pairs of skilled boxers. Open for free viewing! The first 600 people only, or follow and watch the live broadcast from the Boxing Stadium channel. 7HD from 2:30 p.m., tune in
Channel 7HD, press 35, and sports fans can follow various news through it channel 7HD Watch TV, press 35 Live online BOGABOO.TVCh7HD Sports (Facebook, IG, TikTok) and Ch7HD (Facebook, IG, TikTok, X, YouTube) online channels and websites www.ch7.com

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