We present to you 50 beautiful free Thai fonts worth using in many formats. Easily download, install and use Updated 2023.

We present to you 50 beautiful free Thai fonts worth using in many formats. Easily download, install and use Updated 2023.

For people who work with documents, graphics, or study that require presentations. Including the design of various works it may be necessary to use fonts to act as a basis. Of which different font formats there are many that are currently being taken to choose from. Whether it is in Thai or English. More beautiful lines are used. Or is it more relevant to the business concept? It will make the resulting work look more interesting. And it can look better than before. Most of the fonts are available to download and use. It will be downloaded for free for personal use. Except that some fonts may require additional payment if you want to use them commercially. If no one uses it commercially, it can be used comfortably. Today, Specphone will be offering 50 beautiful free Thai fonts worth using in various formats. Ready to download, install and use with ease 2023 update.

Beautiful Thai dance, handwritten freestyle

Let’s start with the first Thai line. Which suits the most diverse applications whether used for business or personal design for general works. It can be used in many ways. As if it was handwritten. There will be mature and youthful handwriting. Anyone who likes any style can try downloading it to use it first. However, some fonts, if used commercially, may require additional support fees.

Beautiful Thai dance, free and nice

Another Thai font that can be used for a variety of tasks. Because it has an easy-to-use design format. It suits every piece of work whether it is a presentation or designing your own work. Most of the formats are similar. With handwriting, it can be said who cares what type they try to download for use.

Beautiful Thai fonts and free Chinese/Korean fonts

Let’s take a look at the foreign style Thai font styles, which mainly consist of Chinese and Korean fonts with quite a few to choose from. For use by those who want to use it for work. This requires good use of Chinese or Korean fonts. It is more suitable especially in restaurant related design work. But you should also consider whether using it commercially will require additional money or not. According to the terms of use for each line as well.

Free beautiful Thai dance with cartoon characters

This font has a cartoon character I would say it is a cute font. Mixed with imagination and handwriting as well. Because it can be used for a variety of purposes. It has a font style that is easy to read. Most of them are fat and round. Or there’s a comic book included too. Try to go and choose which one you like.

Beautiful Thai dance without head

It ends with a headless Thai line. It is a popular type of font that many people choose to use. Because some lines do not have headers. But it still looks official. They can be used in many ways and the style of fonts of other formats can also match Anyone looking for beautiful fonts A formal yet versatile look is also a good choice.

How to install beautiful Thai fonts for free easily

To learn how to install different fonts downloaded for ease of use. What some people may not know yet is that when it is finished downloading to the computer, the different fonts will be installed. How did you download it? Is there a way to do the complex steps or not? In fact, this can be done easily, and if anyone is already using Windows, there is a way to install the fonts as follows.

1. Once we download the font we want. It will come in the form of a ZIP file. Let’s select this file and click on it. Then right click and select menu “Extract here”

2. When we have already extracted the file. You can see that the font file has been formatted (some fonts have more than one file), click the right clip on that font file again and select “Install” or Install menu. You can start using it once it is installed successfully. That’s it, you can now install the font on your computer.

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All this is to present 50 beautiful and free Thai fonts worth using, and we have brought them to you today. Which in addition to the different fonts we have collected today there are also other font formats. There are so many to choose from. You can enter and choose the format you want on the website. thafaces or f0nt.com You can, because there are many Thai things you can use. Anyone looking for any type has them all. Now don’t forget that every Thai dance is beautiful. Free has terms and conditions of use. For example, you have to pay an initial amount. Or is there a price that can’t be beaten at all? When used commercially But if no one uses it for commercial use, most of it will be free to use. But the same thing with all fonts is that reselling them is strictly prohibited. It’s free to use, so don’t offend the designers. And if there is any other interesting story? We will continue to provide it to you again and again.

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