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Arrived on the last day. For Fashion Weeks in 4 major cities for Spring/Summer 2024, as well as the runway and street style action of famous influencers is intense. And creating excitement for the fashion industry as much. Another thing that seems unusually lively is Front Row’s guest list from Thailand. Heading to New York, London, Milan, and Paris over the past month. Reflecting the game of serious competition for space in the fashion world.

As many people know, Thailand has been on the global fashion map for many years. It has even become a top Asian country which is regularly mentioned by famous legendary brands regardless of whether the sales numbers of luxury brands in the country are growing every year. One continuous year, reaching the number of Thai “players” as brand ambassadors and friends of the house on the global fashion chessboard. This increases every year, and this is what is guaranteed. Thailand has become the fashion capital of Asia, which is not the case.

With the number of players increasing every year and therefore famous fashion brands in Thailand are starting to find ways to liven up the competitive game. Using Promotion Strategies Take famous influencers (apart from brand ambassadors who have the duty of flying across the sky to see different brands’ shows every season) soar across the sky to get to know the designers. Or is it a famous brand leader? Constantly creating trends in the online world to give Thailand a place to stand in the spotlight in the fashion world. This could mean opportunities for these influencers. Which famous brands will choose to work with in the near future

By the way, what the author will write in detail here. It may offend the eyes of conservative fashion people. But the reality of the world that is changing every day is that fashion media is now embracing celebrity content creation. It’s officially an official thing that many people are afraid of. Along with extensive fashion reports on the runway. And all of this is not only measured by the media in Thailand. It’s a country obsessed with celebrity content, but when you or anyone who follows fashion is likely to start seeing the change, including Vogue Us, British Vogue, WWD, or even Vogue France, which is often mocked Be bold in Report on the looks of celebrities attending the shows. I still turn to reporting content about famous people’s looks as a joke especially during this past Fashion Week. This is the season in which the writer dares to say that there is the largest number of Thais who travel to Fashion Week in one season.

The arrival of airport look culture, or reports on celebrity looks at shows. It’s not just entertainment or social media interaction from brands, media and fashion. But to some extent, it is a good way to stimulate the business economy of fashion brands. In addition to organizing pop-up store openings throughout the year. This has undoubtedly become another interesting option for fashion brands with a strong commercial focus. It also continues to create awareness among people on social media. From departure, arrival at destination, entry to the show, or even sometimes there is content attached after the show. This is the basic strategy that Thailand is pursuing as it seeks to compete for media space from around the world. On a day when influencers from all over the world gave up at the end of their shows…


Thais travel to see the New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024 show

Blue Pongthewat and Nisha Natanisha showcase the Coach brand

Anne Thongprasom modeling Ralph Lauren

Bo-Milda and Alec-Tiradit COS Brand Presentation

My Davika shows off the Michael Kors brand

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Thais travel to London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024 show

Bright Vacherawit Burberry brand display


Thais travel to see the Milan Fashion Week show in Spring/Summer 2024

Wayne-Methawen displays the Prada brand

Nani Hirankrit Presentation of the brand Emporio Armani

Alnada Jerawat Display Brand Onitsuka Tiger

Blue Phongthewat View TODs Brand


Thais travel to see the Milan Fashion Week show in Spring/Summer 2024

May Davika reviews the GUCCI brand.

Bow-Melda and C-Pruek showcase the Dolce & Gabbana brand.

Mew-Supasit displays the BOSS brand

Manatsanan Donuts View Max Mara Brand


Thais travel to see the Paris Fashion Week show in Spring/Summer 2024

May Pakboom and Abu Natawin, Dior show

Tu-Tontawan showcases the DIOR brand

Nisha Natanisha and Jung Ashin modeling the Saint Laurent brand.


Thais travel to see the Paris Fashion Week show in Spring/Summer 2024

Yaya Orasaya Louis Vuitton show

PP-Krit showcases Balenciaga branding.

Tai Tawan and Bayfern Pimchanok showcase the LOEWE brand

picture : Jinapa Vongkasira

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