Punching Repair Adjustment “Superball” Gears Up to Launch Action Mode with “Julio” ONE Lumpini 36

“Superball” returns to everyone’s surprise as the program returns for the first time in 6 months. Get ready to show a new version different from the original. Ready to give your all in the battle of ONE Lumpini 36.

“Superball Teedet 99”, a 26-year-old highly skilled boxer from Nong Bua Lamphu. Return to the program again after half a year. I want to win my third fight in a row with Julio Lobo, the 29-year-old former Om Noi boxing ring champion from Brazil who has a lot of experience fighting in Thailand. Ready to trade heavy weapons in Muay Thai rules Weight classification: 140 lbs ONE Lumpini 36 fight on Friday, October 6, at the Lumpini Boxing Stadium (Ramintra).

“Superball”, the 2014 Thailand 122lb Championship holder, made his debut at Battle ONE Lumpini 5, where he defeated “Kongklai Anyy Muay Thai” with fierce points, causing them to hold hands and receive a bonus of 350,000 baht each, while in the tournament. Last ONE Lumpinee fight, on March 31, Benny 11 reiterated his revenge by defeating “Kongklai” again on points before remaining quiet for so long that martial arts fans wondered whether they wanted to see him fight in ONE Lumpinee again.

For the past 6 months “Superball” has been keeping himself fit and ready waiting for the show to fight all the time. Including being a representative of the Royal Thai Army. He won the Thai Amateur Muay Thai Championship in the 67 kg category, and earned the right to represent the Thai national team to compete in the Asian Games for Indoor Sports and Martial Arts. Early next year but what makes him as happy as serving the nation is returning to fight at One Lumpini for the third time.

Come back this time “Superball” confirms his body’s full readiness to fight. Set a goal to win without completing the entire round. Including winning another round of financial rewards. Ready to show his best performance as he has been waiting for the fight for a long time.

“I have always wanted to fight in ONE Lumpini and I am always ready to train and maintain my physical fitness. He has not neglected it even though there is no fight program. Coming back this time, I really expect to win by eliminating my opponent. Including winning the bonus for the second time but everything has to depend on “Rhythm in the game. If this battle gets a reward, I will use the money to buy land in my hometown to keep it. Because I want to make a garden for my mother to take care of.”

After two fights in ONE Lumpini, “Superball” has learned an important lesson that fighting in a 3-round format and using small 4-ounce gloves to open the fingers is completely different from a traditional 5-round fight, which makes it necessary to hurry and train hard to develop your skills and fighting style accordingly. Fits into the programme.

“I have almost completely reworked the fight. It will not be possible to continue with a 5-round fight as before because Leader Chatri always stresses that to the fighters competing in ONE Lumpini, if there is a moment to put an end to the fight, the opponent must do so.” “It makes me train hard these days. Trying to fix the shortcomings in the first two fights. To do the best job possible.”

Super Bowl vs. Julio

And having to face a veteran boxer like “Julio” who has shown his skills in Thailand for a long time. ‘Superball’ also admitted he had some concerns about his opponent’s height. But he prepared a plan to attack the inner circle using short weapons. Hoping to win the third fight in a row.

“Julio is a great boxer who uses his knees well. I’m not afraid of experience. But the only concern was his height. In this fight, I particularly focused on adding elbow weapons. Because I watched many clips of his fights. If we were at close range, it could be “We have a chance to hit the elbow. I have to look at the match first to see what shape the opponent is going to fight. Even if it’s a small glove, anything can happen. It’s better not to be careless.”

The main goal of this battle is “Superball” means doing your best. To open the way for continued opportunities to participate in the show at ONE Lumpini. Before expanding it to the global stage

“If you do well in this fight, the victory is collected for the third time, would you like to have the opportunity to fight in the ONE show continuously like many people who regularly show their skills in this fight.” Including the hope of continuing to fight in the big fight In ONE Championship. In order to fight at the world level, I still have to strengthen both my fitness and training. Bringing Sports Science to Help Take good care of your nutrition. It must be strengthened in all aspects of these matters.”

Follow and watch “Superball vs. Julio” at ONE Lumpini 36, broadcast live from Lumpini Boxing Stadium (Ramindra) on Friday, October 6, and the first match starts at 7:30 pm and you can watch it on the different channels as follows

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