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The celebrity series has created a hugely popular phenomenon. Because the style of conveying the “Seo-Ari” lifestyle reflects the image of modern society where concern for the reputation of influencers is full of drama. Reaching the top of the pyramid is the ultimate goal for a young woman to reach celebrity status, become famous, and become an important person who earns a lot of money. The goal of this trip should be to work with famous brands. Or even build a foundation of credibility until you become an important national guest continuing all the way to the continental level and the next global level.

Park Gyu Young The 30-year-old Korean actress embodies the depth of her rise to celebrity status. It also offers intense drama set in the industry. This is what made her name stand out with Seo Ari’s name immediately after the series was broadcast on the Netflix platform. As a result, she received the attention of international fashion brands, and Gucci, under the new leadership of Sabato Di Sarno, appointed her as a global brand ambassador, marking a new beginning for Gucci moving forward.

It must be said that Seo-Ari is not the only role that put Park Gyu Young on the radar. Having previously starred in the popular series It’s Okay Not to Be Okay and Sweet Home, the future is just as bright. Since she is also included in the cast list for Squid Game Part 2, it is certain that over the next year or two, Park Gyu Young will definitely continue to shine in the spotlight. Moreover, you should be involved with Gucci in all its forms. Whether it’s shooting campaigns, participating in events, or being a guest front-runner at future collection shows. It’s like Seo-ari’s character that everyone is fascinated by as a celebrity will become a reality when Park Gyu-young collaborates with a giant brand like Gucci and she is ready to continue her journey to success.

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