Superball Teedet 99 achieves the fiercest victory in the battle of ONE Lumpini 36.

battle One Lumpini 36 Great fun for combat sports fans to welcome the tenth month with great pleasure. On the evening of Friday, October 6, at the Lumpini Boxing Stadium (Ramintra), all 12 skilled competitors pulled out all the stops to showcase their best for all to see.

The main couple of the showSuper Bowl 99 tipBoxing unit Kan Di, 26 years old, from Nong Bua Lamphu. Returning to the skills display program for the first time in 6 months and measuring strength.”Julio LoboFormer Um Noi Boxing Champion, 29 years old, from Brazil, Muay Thai rules, 140 lbs.

Watch the clip of ONE Lumpini from October 6, 2023, Superball match Teeded99 vs Julio Lobo.

The first round opened with a violent exchange of weapons between the two sides. But there was no exciting moment to be seen. The next round wasSuper Bowl 99 tip“Throw your right punch in the ear.”Julio Lobo“Get down and lie down for the count of eight. But I still have the courage to get up for the last round.”Julio Lobo“There is nothing to lose. Qing came out with heavy weapons. Press to punch to cut the body.”Super Bowl 99 tip“Showing a terrifying swing. Despite being chased without stopping…Super Bowl 99 tip“He still managed to survive, finishing all three rounds, winning by unanimous decision with maximum excitement.

In the international major pair”Yohan Ghazali“A dangerous 16-year-old Malaysian-American, seeking victory in his fourth battle in a row, steps forward to fight fiercely from Russia.”Temerlan Bekmurzaev“He is 25 years old and has just taken his first victory point. In Muay Thai rules, flyweight (125-135 lbs)

After the first bell rang.Temerlan Bekmurzaev“I’m not afraid of the enthusiasm of the younger opponent, finding the right moment to throw punches and fight consistently in the second round.”Yohan GhazaliHe fixed the game well and managed to get a foothold. Before he delivered a right punch to the tip of the chin, followed by a left punch to the body, causing…Temerlan Bekmurzaev“Jock couldn’t stand it and handed it to me.”Yohan GhazaliHe won by knockout at 2:43 of the second round.


They managed to win the fourth fight and receive another 350,000 baht reward, as well as good news to celebrate before they turn 17 on November 14, a single sports contract worth US$100,000 (about 3.7 million baht at the current exchange rate). He became the youngest athlete in ONE

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As the competition was action-packed, Big Boss “Chatri Sityayodtong” awarded prizes to all five outstanding athletes, totaling 1.75 million baht (one million seven hundred and fifty thousand baht).)

1. Kirill Komutov (reward of 350 thousand baht)
2. Yohan Ghazali (reward 350,000 baht + one contract 3.7 million baht)
3. Viet Saenchai Im Yodid Konmai Baoi (reward 350,000 baht)
4. Vietdam Vitkiatbeach (reward 350,000 baht)
5. Rampong S Therapat (reward 350,000 baht)


Summary of results of every match in ONE Lumpini 36

– Main match: Superball Teedet 99 wins on points over Julio Lobo (Muay Thai, catchweight 140 lbs).
– Secondary Pair: Viet Thonglor, student of Luang Phai Namphon won by unanimous decision over Duangsompong Jitmuangnon (Muay Thai, flyweight 125-135 lbs).
– Ramboong S Therapat won by knockout over Pansak W Wanthawi at 1:13 of the second round (Muay Thai, catch weight 128 lbs).
– Vietdam Vitkiatviit won by knockout over Vitpalangchay Por.charoenviit in 1:49 of the first round (Muay Thai, catch weight 134 lbs).
-Mae Sang Kham S. Yingcharoen Karnchang Unanimous Result: Mangkorn Bum Dek Sian (Muay Thai, catch weight 118 lbs)
– Phet Saenchai M Yuden Khun Mai Baoi won by knockout of Ngaw Phayak Adson Patong at 1:38 of round 2 (Muay Thai, catch weight 130 lbs).
– Yohan Ghazali defeated Tamerlan Bekmurzayev by knockout at 2:43 of the second round (Muay Thai, flyweight 125-135 lbs).
– Kirill Komutov won by knockout over Pornsiri BK Saenchai at 1:57 of the first round (Muay Thai, bantamweight 135-145 lbs).
– Antonio Orden won by non-unanimous decision over Pongsiri Sor Jr. and Wichit Padreu (Muay Thai, strawweight 115-125 lbs).
– Elad Soman won unanimously over Vladimir Gabov (lightweight Muay Thai 155-170 lbs).
– Saudin Suleymanov won by technical knockout (TKO) over Adelit Mametov at 2:46 of the second round (MMA flyweight 125-135 lbs).
– Carlos Alvarez won the submission title at 0:57 of the first round (MMA Featherweight 145-155 lbs).


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