Very tragically, Modem-Dada poured water on DJ Go’s corpse in favor of his wife. Friends reveal that he was a lovely person who helped outcast people | Chaosod

Very sad situation. Modem-Dada. Friends pour water over DJ Go’s corpse in support of his wife. Friends revealed that he was a lovely man who helped people who were being chased away.

18th November at 4:00 PM Sala 3, Parivat Ratchasongram Temple. The atmosphere at Mr Trinh’s funeral is somber for Rueangkitrattanakul, or DJ Ko, 36. He then fell to his death from a hotel in the city center yesterday (Nov 17), with family members, friends, people in the entertainment industry and colleagues. Modem Kachappa Dansaroyen, Warinda Damrongphon aka DJ Dada, Tatsanon Jarupatsani aka DJ Fiat traveled step by step to attend the ceremony.

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Meanwhile, Black Ant is sad and sad. After pouring water on the dead body, he returned immediately.

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Then at 5:20 PM, DJ Dada with a sad face and eyes revealed that when the office came to know about this, all the employees were informed. They were shocked. Call each other to find out what happened because he is always a happy, friendly, beautiful person. His own family did not know. No one could say anything. He hosts a show every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and sees DJ Ko every morning. We eat together during breaks.I don’t know if he was stressed or not. And there is no indication that such a thing will happen.

Junior knew DJ Go from his first day on the job. Mentoring and teaching his work until he developed himself enough to host a show and gain many listeners. My deepest condolences to the family and wife of DJ Ko. Ready to come and support you today.

DJ Fiat said DJ Ko is a hard worker. Some days, I sleep in the office while organizing the morning show. It is also worth noting whether or not he was playing sad music on the date of the incident. People say they go to a music catalog and find that the music sounds normal. He is charming and always helping people. Have you ever used your own money to help someone pickpocket their wallet?

It will take place from November 18-20, before the cremation on November 21 to plan the last rites.

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