Very sad! Matthew 6 girl commits suicide after fraudster tricked her into selling iPhone online: PPTVHD36

A 6 month old woman hanged herself after being tricked into selling an iPhone online by a scammer for almost 20,000 baht. The police first discovered that the money had been transferred to the horse account.

The region of Nakhon Si Thammarat province has a very sad story. When a female student decided to end her life at 6 p.m. After realizing that a fraudster had swindled nearly 20,000 baht for an iPhone 13 down payment.

Leaving letters to tell the story. I was cheated for changing the advance payment for iPhone 13 mobile phone in the amount of 18,500 baht, but did not receive the product. When I asked for a refund, they asked me to change the insurance fee again. So, Nakhon Si decided to hang himself in his bedroom at his home in Koh Tuat sub-district, Pak Panang district, Thammarat province. October 15 evening

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In the letter, he wrote to express his feelings about being cheated out of paying a total of 18,500 baht for an iPhone 13 and told his mother to transfer the money to two friends, 5,500 baht and another 2,600 baht. He apologized to his mother.

As for Mrs Bunyuwe, 47, the mother of the deceased said her daughter once complained that she had to use an iPhone 13 in university next year. But there is a problem with the high prices. So he consoled his daughter and told her to wait till the end of the month to buy it. But I don’t expect my daughter to secretly pay for her phone online.

They found evidence of multiple messages in a phone shop and borrowed money from a close friend as a down payment. The daughter became depressed until she realized she had been cheated and decided to end her life. Confirms that if my daughter had told me in the first place the review would not have come because she would have already bought the phone.

Before the incident, the daughter told her close friend, “Would your mother be upset if you tricked her into buying an iPhone 13 and committed suicide?” A close friend consoled her and advised her to report the incident to the police, but she didn’t think her daughter would be mentally retarded.

Mrs. Bunyuwe also said that in the past she had seen news of a student committing suicide in Mathayom 6. The stress of being cheated by the call center gang in money transfer but he never expected such an incident to happen to his daughter. So, I request the police to bring the culprit to justice as soon as possible so that he does not cheat others again.

On the police side, the Koh Thuat Provincial Police Station called a close friend and the deceased’s aunt for investigation, and it was discovered that the deceased had contacted a mobile phone shop in Chiang Rai Province’s Mae Sai District to purchase the phone through Facebook on an installment basis.

They cheated by transferring the money as an advance over the phone to a PONY account. Ms. Tokao, CIMB Bank, 4 times, a total of 18,500 baht, and the dead person made a claim when the product was not received, but was tricked into transferring an additional 2,000 baht for insurance money, but it disappeared and the money was not transferred back. Realize that you have been deceived, which causes death. So many attempts to get the money back failed. So, stress was there before one’s own life ended.

The police then confiscated the horse’s account, investigated the phone store and found it was not real, creating a profile for cheating. So, we have coordinated with the cyber police. To check the horse account holder’s civil record and criminal history. Ready to follow and arrest criminal gangs continuously.

Meanwhile, a Facebook user said that the picture of the mobile phone shop used by the criminals was fake. This is my own old shop located in Nakhon Sawan Province, now it is leased to a friend. Edited by criminals to change store name.

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