USMNT Draw Mexico – How Social Media Reacted to CONCACAF World Cup Qualifiers at Estadio Azteca

The US men’s team went to Mexico on Thursday to start the crucial final window of the 2022 CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers, and coach Greg Berhalter promised they would be aggressive. Unfortunately for Berhalter (and the fans), this approach did not yield any goals for the United States – and also for Mexico, don’t you see Couldn’t find an opportunity to sign up either.

The match ended 0-0, and a goalless draw is not the worst result for both teams – they each win a point, and both have two more games trying to get six more points to seal their spot in Qatar. It wasn’t exactly the most fun iteration of watching this storied rivalry.

So, with the match ending with a bit of a hype, here’s how the internet reacts to the highs and lows (well, there weren’t many highs, but you get the point):

before the match

As soon as the game started, those in the scene couldn’t help but notice that Estadio Azteca had a calm atmosphere due to capacity limitations.

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The stadium normally holds 87,000 people, but the Mexican soccer federation has reduced its capacity to 50,000 due to COVID-19 and to better control crowds amid concerns about the anti-gay chants often heard at Mexican national team matches.

Attendees were asked to go through a scoring system called Fan ID, which makes it easier for fans who break the rules to be banned from future matches.

However, there was at least one American celebrity: actor Owen Wilson was at the match to support the American team. Meanwhile, in Mexico, pop singer Mijares sang the Mexican national anthem.

minute 35

The match bounced back to life in the 35th minute when Timothy Weahracing on the right flank, past the goalpost for Christian Pulisic. Without a runner to go along with him, Pulisic tried the one-off shot with his left foot, but it was blocked by goalkeeper Memo Ochoa.

It ended up being USMNT’s best chance of the first half. Pulisic gave USMNT fans a panic as he stayed in the play, but he woke up, albeit very cautiously.

The first half saw neither side exercise control or control of the match, and there were a lot of wrong touches.

Mexico completed 72.5% of its passes in the first half, while the United States completed only 66.4%. Of Mexico’s four shots in the first half, only one was on target. The US also had four shots but put three in the frame.

half time

With the score 0-0 and neither side having the advantage, social media took some time to reflect on the 45 minutes of football everyone just watched. This was not exactly what everyone was hoping for.

Minute 72

If Pulisic’s saved first-half shot is hard for USMNT fans to see, Jordan Bivok He overtook him in the 72nd minute. With a golden opportunity to score from the middle of the penalty area, Pivok sent his shot on a wide right.

As the reactions from social media have indicated, the USMNT is likely to be 1-0 up at that point.

final whistle

In the end, Team USMNT stood up well to the challenge of road play at the Estadio Azteca, and chances were definitely there to win.

But that was not the case. And now the USMNT has two more games to secure the points they need to qualify for the World Cup. Next, the US faces Panama in Orlando, Florida, on Sunday.

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