Urgent! Bo Manthana enters the hospital exhausted, facing a storm of news to the point of not being able to sleep! : PPTVHD36

Bo Manthana was hospitalized after suffering from stress and insomnia. He revealed that he had been to the hospital 5 times – and had to see a psychiatrist.

After becoming the subject of a scandal between top actor “Poo Manthana Himathongkam” and model and actress. “Lukmi Rasamee Thongsiri Praisri” from a two million baht loan problem to a matter of social concern throughout the past week.

Recently, news reports surfaced that Bo Manthana was suffering from stress. She was even hospitalized recently, and a source close to the actress revealed that Bo Manthana has already been hospitalized.

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Bo Manthana was admitted to the hospital after feeling stressed and unable to sleep.

People close to her also said that Bo Manthana must have been stressed and exhausted. Because the lawyer's live broadcast on the other side is being monitored. Including monitoring various comments on social media. So it causes symptoms of stress. Last night I couldn't sleep. When you can't sleep, it causes fatigue. So, he was taken to the hospital for close care.

However, Po Manthana had previously come out in an interview to explain the 2 million baht debt, and there was a part of the interview where she admitted that throughout the two months that Lokmi submitted the report, as a result, she herself had to go to the hospital 5 times, lost 6 kilograms and said she had to take a lot of medication. She should see a psychiatrist.

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