United States – Death threats: Dr. Fassi blames Republicans


On Tuesday, U.S. immunologist Anthony Fauci accused Republican Senator Rand Paul of inciting hatred against him.

Anthony Fauci, 81, is a White House Govt-19 adviser.


On Tuesday, Dr. Anthony Fauci, a White House adviser on the Govt-19, accused a Republican senator of encouraging “confused” people. The latest confrontation between Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and an immunologist, which has clashed in the past, came during a U.S. Senate committee inquiry into epidemic management.

“More people have died under President Biden than under President Trump. You are responsible, you are the architect of the government’s response, 800,000 people have died from Govt-19 in the country today, the senator said.

“It triggers depression”

Anthony Fauci, director of the American National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NIAIT), responded to the commission during a live broadcast on CNN. “What happens if he blames me for completely false things is that suddenly it triggers depression, and I have death threats, my family is being abused, my kids are getting shocking phone calls,” Anthony Fauci said. , 81 years old.

He recalled that in late December, on his way from California to the US capital, a man was arrested with a semi-automatic rifle and ammunition. “The police arrested him and asked where he was going, and he went to Washington to kill Dr. Fauzi. (…) because he thinks I’m killing people,” the scientist said.

“You are creating a catastrophic epidemic”

Anthony Fossie showed a picture from Rand Paul’s website with the words “Dismiss Dr. Fowzie” near his face, calling on the public to donate money to support the senator’s election campaign. “You are creating a catastrophic epidemic for your political game,” Anthony Fassi accused.

These highly tense exchanges reflect the strong politicization of the epidemic in the United States, where divisions continue to widen, especially with regard to preventive measures such as masks or vaccines.


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