A magistrate’s inquiry was remanded to Besancon

A Dijon magistrate has filed a lawsuit against his 12-year-old daughter for sexually assaulting her on the Internet, which was adjourned until Wednesday, February 18 by the Besancon Criminal Court.

The Dijon magistrate’s trial was adjourned to February 18 by Besson’s Criminal Court (icon).


Olivier P., 56, did not appear at the start of his investigation on Wednesday into allegations that the commission “did not pursue” the facts of “child corruption”, “rape” and “aggression” and sexual “aggression”.

His lawyer, Me Pauline Neveu, requested that the trial be adjourned until further notice.

“I am very slanderous that he has been a magistrate for more than 20 years and is sniffing around during justice,” said lawyer Etienne Mantox, who, like civil parties, emphasized the “importance of his presence”.

Proposals for “Participation”

The lawsuit was settled out of court in October 2019, when a user of the Liberty dating site allegedly proposed that his 12-year-old daughter be involved in sexual misconduct.

The investigation, which was carried out with the help of cyber intruders, led this magistrate to investigate with admirable evaluations, where he served as vice president of the Dijon Judicial Court, where he coordinated the pole of family affairs.

The latter admitted the facts, arguing that they were “fantasies he had never acted on.” He was charged in June 2020 and placed under judicial supervision, returning to live with his wife and daughter. Montex said he “has an objective risk in acting”.

A “temporary administrator” has been appointed to represent the magistrate’s daughter, and four associations to protect the rights of the child have joined as civil parties. Olivier P. was acquitted by the Supreme Court (CSM) last July.

At a pre-CSM trial, he was sentenced to life in prison for three “horrific murders” and two rapes in 2004, a “shock” related to the Pierre Bodine affair, a “shock” dubbed “Pierrot le fou”. General Adviser during the trial in the first instance.


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