United Arab Emirates: One of the largest rough gems on display in Dubai before sale


The 8,400 carat stone, which weighs 2.8 kg, is one of the “largest” rough gems ever discovered.


The “The Rock” diamond will be auctioned off in Geneva in mid-May.


Known as the ‘Burj Alhamal’, one of the world’s largest rugged gems, it was first shown to the public on Friday before its auction at a hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The 8,400-carat stone, which weighs 2.8kg, is one of the ‘largest’ rough gems ever found and is one of the ‘rarest gems’, said Patrick Platti, managing director of SJ Gold & Diamonds.

“It’s a rough ruby ​​from Tanzania … it’s not heated, it’s not treated. So it’s natural, that’s why it’s precious,” Patrick Platti explained to AFP. It will be on display in different locations in Dubai for the next 30 days before being auctioned off, ”he said.

The green and dark purple stone can cost up to $ 120 million. The giant diamond ‘The Rock’ was first unveiled in Dubai last month. The 228.31 carat, pear-shaped stone, cut and polished in South Africa 20 years ago, is the largest white diamond ever standardized, according to auction house Christie’s. It was auctioned in Geneva in mid-May and could sell for $ 30 million.


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