Jack Dorsey’s First Tweet Starts NFT On Sale For $48 Million, Gets An Offer Of $280

Twitter founder Jack DorseyFirst tweet ever sold as NFT (Non-fungible token) has been put up for sale by a buyer for $48 million – and he drew a staggering max offer of just under $280 by deadline this week.

That’s when the seller reached out to wants to be an owner on Twitter Elon MuskHe urged him to bid – to no avail.

Entrepreneur Sina Istavi, CEO of Malaysian crypto venture Bridge Oracle, has certainly been looking for a massive return. He bought Dorsey’s Message as an NFT – a unique crypto asset – for $2.9 million a little over a year ago – and then listed the NFT for sale for $48 million last week. He promised to donate half of the proceeds to a charity.

The world’s first-ever tweet, by Dorsey (written on March 21, 2006), humbly declares: “Just set up my twttr.”

But her offers ranged from Roughly $6 to about $277 By Wednesday’s deadline, Coin Desk reported. After the deadline passed, the best offer was by Thursday It is said up to $10,000.

Estafi urged Musk to bid on NFT on Thursday. “It is not good if it is The owner of Twitter completely does not have the first tweetFlatter.

So far, Musk hasn’t made a bid for NFT – but he’s still seeking to buy Twitter and make it private while on the company’s board of directors. Brainstorming methods to thwart his plans.

For Dorsey NFT, Estavi doesn’t seem too concerned about his prospects.

“My offer to sell was high and not everyone could afford it,” he told Reuters. It is important to me who wants to buy it. I will not sell this NFT to anyone because I don’t think everyone deserves this NFT. “

Estavi added: “This NFT is not just a tweet. This is the Mona Lisa for the digital world.”

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