Ulf Kristerson was elected Prime Minister of Sweden with the votes of the far right

Ulf Kristerson, the architect and leader of the moderate party who brokered an unprecedented reconciliation between the traditional right and the nationalist camp in September’s legislative elections, won 173 votes against being elected head of government. The vote was greeted with applause from the benches of the three right-wing parties (Centres, Christian Democrats, Liberals) that will form the future government and the SD parties, the influential first bloc with a majority with 73 seats.

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After eight years in left-wing power, 58-year-old Ulf Kristerson succeeds Magdalena Andersen, head of the Social Democratic government, who confirmed the change after she tendered her resignation after the election. On Friday, after weeks of negotiations, he offered a political deal with three other majority party leaders, including SD boss Jimmy Akesson.

Crime, immigration and nuclear power

The latter was the big winner in the September 11 elections with 20.5% of the vote, a new ranking second only to the outgoing Social Democratic Party in Sweden.

In their 62-page map presented on Friday, the four parties included measures to fight crime and reduce immigration, as well as a revival of nuclear power, which Sweden has absorbed again in recent decades.

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