Ukraine: Group leader Wagner is proud of his troops


War in UkraineGroup leader Wagner talks about his troops competing with the Russian army

In a video released Saturday evening, Yevgeny Prigozhin praises his mercenaries. A compliment that appears to be a thinly veiled criticism of Russian troops’ failures in Ukraine.

Evgueni Prigogine, 61, admitted in September that Wagner founded the group after years of denial.


“Independent” and subject to “severe discipline”: Chief of the sub-military group Wagner praised the performance of his troops in Ukraine, where they often compete with the regular Russian army. Yevgueni Prigogine’s comments appear to be a new veiled criticism of the Russian military high command, which has been accused, even by some of Vladimir Putin’s supporters, of lacking coordination and distance from realities on the ground.

In a video released by his press service on Saturday evening, Yevkhuni Prigozhin talks about the reasons why his fighters won. catch city Sun light, In eastern Ukraine, an announcement was still rejected by kyiv. He says his men are highly experienced and have their own aircraft, artillery pieces and armored vehicles, and “accomplish all their objectives independently”.

Key: “Hard” discipline

“The most important thing is the command structure, which is done right. The Wagner group listens to everyone, everyone can have their say,” assures Evgueni Prigogine. But “once a decision is made, all work is done and no one can go back. Strict discipline gives us this chance,” he continued, dressed in camouflage next to a man he posed as Wagner’s commander at the Battle of Soledar.

On Friday, the Russian military announced the capture of Soledar without initially identifying Wagner’s fighters. Evgueni Prigogine, through his press service, deplored his group’s “permanent attempts to steal victories.” Rarely, the Russian Defense Ministry issued a statement praising the “courage” of Wagner’s men at Solidar.

Mercenary ex-prisoners

Wagner’s group, founded in 2014, has recruited thousands of prisoners to fight in Ukraine in exchange for sentence reductions. In a sign of his rise to power, Evgueni Prigogine, 61, admitted in September that he had installed Wagner after years of denial. He now regularly travels to the Ukrainian front and actively expresses himself through his press service.


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