UK – Called his son Lucifer: “I have no regrets”


A mother has been harassed on social media since revealing on a TV show that she gave her baby an amazing name.

Josie King does nothing like the others, at least as far as her children’s names are concerned. Her 6-year-old first daughter has six “middle names” and her 7-month-old son is called Lucifer. “I had no inspiration. I looked in the books, but I like unusual names. I thought I was going to have a daughter and wanted to call her Narnia,” said the 27-year-old Briton. Plymouth Live. Lucifer passed his mind on a good day, and Josie set his sights on this first name with a strong cruel meaning.

“I know people will not like it, but it’s not their problem,” the young woman said. Many of Josie’s family tried to talk to her but to no avail. “I’m not a nun, so that doesn’t mean what people think,” she says. Britain spoke on a television show dedicated to controversial first names. Since then, she has been overwhelmed by messages from people who are outraged by her wishes. “He will be harassed for life. It’s sad,” one Internet user specifically responded.

Josie, she diligently identified. “I have not changed my mind, I have no regrets. (…) If the devil had another name, people would not like that name either. This is a question of mentality against this first name,” he believes. Congratulations on the choice: “Actually, it means” light bearer “. Only narrow-minded people say it is the devil’s name, and again, only these people will persecute him, ”the social media user responded.


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