Trade Padres for Matt Petty from Dodgers

Poria, Arizona. The Padres and Dodgers family turned in a rare deal on Monday, with Matt Petty Headed to San Diego in exchange for a player / pitcher from the Minor League Ryan River.

Betty, who was assigned the task by the Dodgers on Wednesday, should play an instrumental role in San Diego. The Padres lack pitch options, particularly in left field, and their bench needs a boost as well. Betty, a left-handed hitter with a knack for hitting the base, sent out .270/.363/.402 curved line Over 120 games last season.

“He’s a professional player,” Padres manager Bob Melvin said of Petty. “He has a high percentage on base, the kind that takes a lot of pitches. He can see it as a potential hitter. He can play a little bit, little first base, so he has some variety in there.

“We’ll see where he fits in. Like anything we’re doing now, we’re still trying to figure out some points on the roster, in terms of player position. It’s part of that mix.”

Although Profar is a switching officer, a straight platoon seems unlikely, given that Profar has always posted better numbers from the left side. Perhaps if Petty starts games on the left, Provar could act as a defensive substitute.

Most importantly, Beaty is a serious boost to the depth of the Padres roster. At the very least, there is renewed competition for playing time on the left. If Profar doesn’t improve on his poor 2021 season, there is an option on the roster to replace him.

Otherwise, the Beaty is a valuable seat piece with as much experience as a pinch hitter. He has posted solid right-hand throw numbers in his career (slashes 267/.339/.440). Against a tough right-hander, it’s easy to imagine Petty being called a bat, for example, Ha-Seong Kim or one of the Padres doing a right-handed bat.

It’s all yet to be decided – and based in part on building this Padres roster, opening day comes.

“We’re not really sure where she fits in yet,” Melvin said. “But we love the bat profile.”

The deal was the first between Padres and Dodgers since Matt Kemp went to San Diego for the 2014 Winter Meetings, with Yasmane Grandal returning to Jason Catania of LA Per, and it’s only the fifth trade the two contenders make in Southern California.

Ryan was Padres’ pick for the 11th round last season and a .308/.349/.436 cut in the Arizona Complex. To free up space on List of 40 men For Beaty, Padres moved left Drew Pomeranz to List of wounded for 60 days He is also recovering from flexor tendon surgery.

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