The Apex Legends Warriors event includes upgrades for PS5, Xbox Series X, and S.

Respawn Entertainment confirmed it Apex Legends Upgrades for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles will be released tomorrow With the new group of warriors event. So far, the battle royale shooter has shared versions across console generations. But when the update is released – usually around 1 PM ET – console players will finally be able to join those on PC with native 4K support (except for the S Series), HDR, better shadow maps, and a greater level of detail.

All versions on consoles are still limited to 60Hz, with a 120Hz game listed as an upcoming upgrade (however, once the PS5 supports 120Hz output, it’ll be able to force it even on games without built-in support if you want to) experience). When I talked to the developers Before the current season kicks off, Defiance, They said we’ll see new next-gen features appear throughout the year with new seasons. Other features confirmed in the works are the adaptive trigger and haptic support for the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller.

Another area where the systems differ is how players will get their updated versions. On the Xbox Series X and Series S, the Microsoft’s Smart Connect technology It means that your console should automatically download the correct version without any intervention once you start it. On PlayStation, it’s a bit more complicated. If the game is already installed on PS5, find the title in the Game Hub, select Options instead of Play Game, and then tell it to download the PS5 version. If you haven’t installed it but have played it before, you’ll only find the game in your library, and be sure to choose the PS5 version when prompted.

Across consoles and PC, the second half of Season 12 includes several fixes to stop things like hackers enabling dual-use weapons and various glitches that can be used to exploit weapons with a charging mechanic like the Rampage LMG or Sentinel sniper. There is also, of course, a new set of cosmetic upgrades to purchase and a new legacy that players can acquire to use with their Crypto character.

Photo: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends' new control map includes this spot inside Caustic's Lab.

Apex Legends’ new control map includes this spot inside Caustic’s Lab.
Photo: Respawn Entertainment

The Warriors event will also bring back the LTC mode for another two weeks, with some improvements and a new map. It’s been well received by players last time around, but there’s no word yet on whether we can expect it to become a regular part of the game or whether we’ll see more gameplay that strays from the standard battle royale setting.

One thing that was not mentioned at all in the update was the massive leak of content last week that revealed new characters, skins, weapons, and emotes that the developers are working on. The amount of leaks allegedly spanning the next two years for the game, but based on the changes we’ve seen, I think there could be more. Apex Legends Surprises not yet revealed.

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