Towards a ban on the Internet in Europe by Russia?

In addition to the risk of armed conflict, the war between Russia and Ukraine poses a serious threat to global cyber security. Faced with sanctions, Vladimir Putin unleashes an army of elite hackers. Find out what the threats are and how to protect your business.

Monday evening, February 21, 2022, Vladimir Putin recognized the independence of the separatist regions Prussians from eastern Ukraine. A declaration condemned by the European Union, NATO and the United Kingdom is a serious violation of international law, with the promise of a firm response. The United States announced severe sanctions.

These strong international tensions raise fears that an armed conflict could erupt in Ukraine. However, at the same time, there is less risk Called global cyber war.

The Elite hackers on Russia’s payroll Will probably be launched Unprecedented wave of cyber attacks Against the energy, financial and communications infrastructure of Ukraine and the West.

The implications of a conflict in Ukraine extend beyond borders. Many companies will be affected in their operations, while the supply chain will be disrupted. The White House recently issued a warning about drugs American Microchip Industry Neon sign from Ukraine.

Except, Russia exports many essential commodities In the manufacture of semiconductors, aircraft engines, automobiles, agricultural equipment and pharmaceuticals. Distribution chains are carried out Already the pressure of the Govit-19 epidemicExtra trauma can be devastating.

Ukraine vs Russia: What are the implications for global cyber security?

This conflict is probably reflected The biggest risk Internet Security American and European companies have always known that. Russia’s invasion would lead to huge sanctions imposed on the country, which would see these actions as a declaration of economic war.

In reaction, Vladimir Putin unleashes his Internet army. The Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) recently warned of the risk of Russian cyber attacks against US networks, but also against critical infrastructure. Similarly, European Central Bank It warns financial institutions of the dangers of cyber-attacks in the event of sanctions.

In fact, Internet conflicts have already begun. Ukrainian banks and government agencies have come under attack in the past week, and a number of US businesses have stepped up cyber-attacks. The attacks appear to be linked to the Russian government and have been identified as spying. The Major gas and electricity sites Have faced constant infiltration attempts over the past few months.

Many groups that specialize in security and intelligence within large multinational corporations anticipate the potential impact of Russian cyber attacks on their operations. Businesses Directly affiliated with the National Banks of Ukraine Or other critical infrastructure is particularly at risk.

Even companies that are not in Ukraine or Russia follow the recommendations of the CISA Indirect impact on their customers or associates Established in the region

How to protect your business from the war in Ukraine?

Companies that do not care about cyber security Prepared for the last few years Likely to experience the effects. For good reason, integrating cyber security requires a strategic investment over time. Not built in a hurry last time.

However, it is important to consider this cyber security issue as a priority for your business. prepare Your business continuity planEspecially expected A world disconnected from the Internet And no access to computers. This condition can last for days, weeks or even months.

When Saudi Aramco was hit by a cyber attack, 30,000 corporate laptops were completely disabled in a matter of seconds. Therefore, it is important to consider how to constantly monitor your inventory, manage your accounts and communicate If your computer system crashes.

Second: Look closely at your supply chain. To be identified Potential hidden addiction For software engineers, programmers or services provided in Ukraine.

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, more than a hundred Fortune 500 companies are at least partially dependent. Ukrainian Information Technology Services. Many Ukrainian IT companies are among the top 100 suppliers in the world BPO Outsourcing For computer services.

Connect with peer-to-peer networks, vendors or the FBI to increase your chances of detecting and dealing with Internet hacking. Your teams should be Security teams can be contacted Surveillance of fellow companies and government partners monitoring the same threats.

Another important point is to establish A protective mindset Within your business. Place safety barriers such as Multiple factor recognition, Updating software, using strong passwords and being alert against phishing or phishing attacks. These measures will reduce the risk of cyber attack.

Finally, the Should be integrated into cyber security operations Of the company. Groups should work hand in hand to assess and monitor cyber security, geopolitical and physical security risks.

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