Street Fighter 6 reveals Ryu’s Dick print, some fans say

Two men staring at each other, one on the right crotch covered in a drawing of a large red fish.

screenshot: Capcom / Kotaku

Regardless of the game crappy, minimalistic logoSome of the most consistent hadiths surrounding recent developments Street Fighter 6 Revealed his relationship with the hero of the series Ryo. It is wide, people, sports sandals And that The much loved “Hot Ryu” facial hairHowever, it seems that what interests people most with its updated design lies below the belt.

Well, I’m sorry, let’s stop beating around the bush (word game at all Meaning: People think they can see Ryu’s rod in the trailer

Street Fighter 6The lackluster teaser – which takes a full 39 seconds to showcase what is arguably the most realistic visuals for the upcoming game – includes an 89-frame shot of Ryu and Street Fighter V Newcomer Luke Sullivan They stare at each other, as evidenced by the contestants’ feet. Luke, if you didn’t know already, he’s lame as hell, but getting into all the reasons can take a long time, so let’s deal with Rio’s bulge for now.

Here’s a screenshot taken directly from a 2160p, 60fps MKV video I downloaded from Capcom’s official YouTube channel:

Two men stare at each other, one on the right with a visible bulge.

screenshot: Capcom / Kotaku

A closer look, enlarge Ryu’s crotch as much as I can get it without losing too much precision:

Close-up of a man's bulge.

screenshot: Capcom / Kotaku

And for those who want to see the moment in motion before making a decision, GIF:

Ryu wears a tattered white outfit which, along with sparring gloves and a red headband, has been his trademark look since the original release. Street Fighter He debuted in 1987. You may also notice that he lost his shirt to show off Adam is a driver Star Wars: The Last Jedi physique, but focus on the crotch. You can totally see his penis, right? This is known as “dick printing” or as He puts it, “Outlines the penis as seen bulging through clothing.” Not exactly what we lost when Oro wore underwear in Street Fighter Vbut it’s something.

As usual, people online spend a field day with her.

“My timeline quickly turns into a conversation about Ryu’s visual penis diagram, so [Street Fighter 6] The teaser had an effect after all,” One Twitter user wrote.

“Do you think the same man who painted Ryo’s toes also made his penis imprint?” ask another.

“Since Ryu [noticeable] swollen dick in Street Fighter 6I hope Kane doesn’t.” third banter, in reference to the blond-haired American rival Rio. “I want Rio to legally have a penis larger than Ken.”

It’s no secret that the internet can be pretty annoying for their own good, but I think the conversation about Ryu’s penis points to a separate issue: Street Fighter 6 Just plain tease sucks. We need something to talk about due to the lack of information from Capcom, so why not focus on the trash in the non-sexual World Warrior series? Wouldn’t it be cool in character if Ryo had such a cool pig that he never used, No matter how many hints of sakura drops?

Anyway, we should get what I expect to be less rooster related (and therefore probably less interesting) about Street Fighter 6 this summer.

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