Throttle 2 minions to hunt the “Pong Nano” for their benefit. It is believed to still be in the area

The commander of Provincial Police Region 9 held a press conference accepting the surrender of two of “Pong Nanot’s” henchmen, indicating that they had both been helpful – leading to the manhunt for “Mr. Pong” who is believed to be still at large. in the area. Due to support reasons and the help of the network

On October 28, 2023, Border Patrol Agency No. 434, Pattalung Province, Mueang District, Pol. Major General Biawat Salermsree, Commander of Provincial Police Zone 9, held a press conference. The Pattalung police adopted “Mr. Boi”. and “Mr. Pik, two assistants who took “Xia Phong Nanot” to escape, Mr. Pik, authorities received them from Na Yong District, Trang Province, Mr. Poi, authorities received them from Thau, Khaye Sub-District, Mueang District, Pathalung and later both to be interrogated. They also seized a white Isuzu pick-up truck, the vehicle seen on the CCTV camera at the Border Patrol Police Agency in Pattalung province.Take another 1 vehicle to escape.

Pol Major General Piawat Salermsree, the commander of Provincial Police Region 9, said that they contacted the police for Mr. Boi and Mr. Big through people they trust to surrender to the police. Mr. After helping Bong, the police investigation revealed that the two men were in constant contact with each other. They separated to escape. The entire time they were on the run, the couple said, circling the area between Patalung Province, Trang Province and Satun Province, Nai Phang was separated from the two at the transition between Patalung Province and Satun Province.

In Mr. Pang’s latest case, the authorities issued arrest warrants for a total of 8 people and arrested 6, leaving 2 others, one of whom was Mr. Regarding the cars from the investigation, there were clear evidences when found: 3 cars, 2 cars already seized, 1 car left, which is a black sedan.

“From the investigation, Mr. Boi and Mr. Bigi gave useful answers. The authorities expanded their results and found Mr. Pang to a certain extent. Mr. Pang is a prime suspect, there is a case against him, and he has been in many cases. He has learned a bit. This may cause the officers to work harder than other suspects. But the police do not care about doing their jobs. As for Mr. Pang, the officers believe that he is still in the area. However, due to ancillary factors related to support and help from the network, Mr. Boi and Mr. Big to them, the authorities will then send them to Nakhon Si Thammarat province for prosecution,” said the commander of the provincial police zone 9.

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