If this time was September 11 in Israel

Photo: Hamas missiles and interceptions
Image source: https://www.iiss.org/online-analogy/online-analogy/2023/10/Hamas-attack-and-Israeli-military-options/

The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 saw four large American commercial airliners hijacked by terrorists, two of which crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. Another plane crashed into the Ministry of Defense headquarters. The fourth plane, also known as the Pentagon building in Washington, D.C., is expected to hit the White House. But because the passengers quarreled, the plane fell into an empty area without hitting anything. Some academics see the 1,300-foot-tall twin towers as a symbol of capitalism. Destroying buildings is an act of protest against capitalism.

At that time, President George W. Bush (George W. Bush) said that the mastermind behind the attack was Osama bin Laden or Osama bin Al-Qaeda, and then ordered Laden (Osama bin Laden) to launch an attack on Afghanistan. – Overthrowing the Taliban government that supported and provided shelter for Al-Qaeda. The operation to overthrow the Taliban government was successful. The formation of a new Afghan government led by Hamid Karzai, followed by the war to overthrow Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq.

But after wars, big and small, whether in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, Al-Qaeda and its companions for example, the Taliban still exists. Ready to rise again There is information that ISIS terrorists (ISIS/ISIS/ISIS) evolved from Al-Qaeda. The Taliban still exists today. He also returned to rule Afghanistan.

It was noted that because of the disaster that befell the United States at that time, the Bush administration even sent hundreds of thousands of troops to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. The result is that the US government has consolidated its power in the Middle East. Tightening the global order once again we declare that every country that helps or does not join the war against terrorism is an enemy.
If this time was September 11 in Israel:

Zbigniew Brzezinski, a security adviser to President Jimmy Carter, interestingly stated in 1988 that “Hamas is a product of Israel.” The people of Gaza are the most patient. So he got up and carried all the weapons he found for the Israeli army. This is not likely to win. Willing to take risks but not willing to live under oppression. Including suicide bombers who randomly target people. For this reason, many countries classify Hamas as a terrorist organization. The Israeli and US governments treat the group as they would any other terrorist group. Like Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and the war between Hamas and Israel, it has been interpreted by some academics on both the Israeli and Western sides as Hamas’s operations have been compared to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 (September 11).

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has likened Hamas to being worse than ISIS. Stressing that there should be no more Hamas invasion of Israel. The report indicated that Israel would boycott all countries that harbor Hamas, similar to “the US government’s announcement that all countries that aid or do not join the war against terrorism are enemies.”

Whether compared to Al-Qaeda or ISIS terrorists. Pointing out that Israel’s response is legitimate. They are terrorists and must be suppressed.

In another episode, Prime Minister Netanyahu said: The war has begun. Israel has been subjected to an unintentional attack by Hamas. Ask all of Israel to leave Gaza immediately. Israel will move at every moment and with all force. The government will do everything it can to ensure this does not happen again.

He stressed from the beginning that defeating Hamas would not be easy, but it would prevail in the end.

At the time of the September 11 attacks, the United States government declared a long-term, multi-year war against Al-Qaeda terrorists. Including the war with Afghanistan. The overthrow of Saddam’s government in Iraq and this time Israel will use the same strategy. This means eliminating the Hamas regime and attacking Hamas supporters around the world in various ways. (It is not always necessary to use military force.)

An excuse to attack Hezbollah and Iran:

If the above guidelines were followed, Israel could wage war against Hezbollah in Lebanon. The matter could reach Iran, the main supporter of Hamas and Hezbollah. It depends on what the Netanyahu government decides. From now on, Israel can attack Iran without mentioning the Iranian nuclear program.

Or there may not be much need for analysis if Iran directly attacks Israel or US forces in the Middle East. The latter has been much talked about, but the Biden administration has so far indicated that this is not the case. News on October 23 The US Department of Defense revealed and no evidence has been found so far that Iranian Supreme Leader Imam Khamenei ordered forces to attack the United States after several US bases in Iraq and Syria were attacked several times. This is widely known to be the work of Iranian-backed forces. These forces launch attacks periodically.

It remains to be seen whether the American official’s understanding is correct or not. This information indicates that the United States is not considering waging a direct war with Iran yet. This could be interpreted to mean that the Biden administration is still restraining or preparing. But it cannot be denied that many of the forces currently attacking Israel and the United States in the Middle East have the support of Iran. How will the United States manage these forces?

He also warned Iran against escalating violence. It reiterated that two aircraft carrier squadrons in the Mediterranean Sea near Israel are ready for defense and counterattack.

This news coincides with news that the United States has installed the advanced THAAD (High-Altitude Missile Defense) system near Israel. It is expected that this will be done in order to repel Iranian missiles launched more than a thousand kilometers towards Israel. He can also launch multiple attacks at the same time. Israel is now facing war from all sides. The Israeli army is already overburdened. Only Iran will fight directly.

Recently, American soldiers clashed with Iranian-backed forces in Syria. American officials indicate that the force is affiliated with the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, and has received weapons, supplies, and money. The United States uses targeted counterattacks to protect itself. Do not expect large-scale clashes.

but It must be recognized that the governments of the United States, Israel, and Iran are exercising restraint. A big war does not happen easily. It could just be a war between Israel, Hamas and the forces surrounding Israel. Attacks on American bases in the Middle East do not lead to direct combat with Iran.

Looking back at the big picture Some analysts suggest that the events of September 11 were positive for the United States. Facilitating the expansion of influence in other countries, especially in the Middle East and Afghanistan if terrorists hope to undermine the United States. The result is the opposite. The Bush administration took advantage of this opportunity to expand its influence throughout the world. By declaring that sanctuary countries are as guilty as terrorists. The state will be considered an enemy if it does not cooperate against terrorists. For many years during that period, US Special Operations Command drones attacked terrorists in several countries. No one can stop him.

According to this concept, when compared to the war between Hamas and Israel. It is worth noting that the goal may not be simply to eliminate Hamas. It is possible that Israel will use this war to organize the Middle East. Or is the American side taking advantage of this opportunity to organize the Middle East? To maintain influence with their interests outside Gaza or Hamas.

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