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Released on 13.06.2022

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Sudan More than 15,000 sheep drowned in the sea yesterday.

More than 15,000 sheep sank in the Sudanese Red Sea port of Sudan yesterday, local officials said. The boat will be loaded more than its capacity.
An unnamed official at the port of Chuvak, 800 km northeast of Khartoum, said the crew was safe and sound. He said he feared “environmental damage after thousands of animals drowned” and disrupted port operations.
According to him, the ship bound for Saudi Arabia can carry up to 9,000 animals, but changes have been made to increase this maximum load. He did not give any further details.
Saleh Selim, head of the Department of Animal Husbandry at the Chamber of Exporters, said 700 sheep had been rescued from the water, but were “in poor condition.” According to Omar Bashir al-Khalifa, president of the Sudan Exporters Association, the sinking took several hours. According to him, the ship and its cargo may have been “saved”. Saleh Saleem said the total value of the abducted cattle was “four million dollars” and called for an investigation to find out the reasons for his drowning.

Sukin port The country’s main port, Port Sudan, is located 60 km south. On May 25, its docks were destroyed by fire. An inquiry was opened to find out the reasons. ATS / AFP

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