This is the person who cut the umbilical cord Mark Breen entered the industry until he became famous today |

Many people in the entertainment world joined in congratulating the famous star couple.Mark Breen Subarat and Kimberly Ann Voltimus The wedding took place in a big way yesterday, November 12, 2023, at the Centara Grand Hotel at Central World. After they held hands in a beautiful wedding ceremony along Lake Como in Italy today, September 14.

One of the important guests of the event isP’A Supachai, who is very close to the bride and groom. Because P’A was a former personal manager. And the person who cut the umbilical cord, Mark Breen, entered the entertainment industryIn addition, P’A is currently the manager. Take care of Kimberly’s business too.
P’A also wrote a congratulatory message to the newlyweds, saying:Congratulations to Nong Mak and Nong Kim, today is a very happy day for you both. P’A has watched each of her siblings grow from day one, through each story until they reach their special day that P’A watches over. P’A will always smile when the person P’A loves gets married. P’A very happy @mark_prin @kimmy_kimberley #markimthewedding’

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