There are so many bones – it’s hard to eat! Why does Phra Chau Tai Sa like to eat carp? Arts and culture

Fried carp, Phra Chow Tai Sa’s favorite menu in the drama “Prom Likhit”.

dramaSaucepan Implementation of stories in the era “Phra Chao Tai Sa”, King of Ayutthaya People who are said to like to eat “carp” a lot of evidence Royal Records, British Museum Edition It is recorded that His Majesty was so fond of carp that he forbade people from eating them. Otherwise they will have to be fined.

“carp” What’s good about that? Arts and Culture magazine asked: Why did the king eat so much? Crete Lualmai Food expert and columnist “Tun Sai Plai Chuak” in Arts & Culture Magazine: Why do people like to eat carp? Although there were many bones that Mr. Crete answered “It’s delicious. It’s very oily. The carp meat is sweet. It’s soft, has a soft texture, and is spongy, although it has a lot of bones. It’s delicious.” But people have many ways to prepare delicious food. Another thing is that it is very available. “It’s easy to get caught in a flock of nets.”

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Khun Krit also recommends a delicious menu made with carp. By frying the carp in oil, the whole scales first. It is then simmered and spices are added to give it a salty and sweet flavour. Or you can boil ginger. Boil all day and night until the peels and bones are tender. This way you can eat everything.

“Or use a sharp knife to cut across the body repeatedly, until deep into the middle bone. This way, when fried in oil, the small bones become crispy so you can eat them whole, which is called ‘boneless tapian.’Or use it to ferment rice cooked with garlic to make orange fish, or smoke and dry it to make grilled fish. Whole fried carp meat is tender and delicious, just like fish (freshwater) or jackfruit (saltwater).

When Khun Krit was asked as a food columnist with the point that why would Lord Tai Sa please eat carp? Khun Krit commented on this If it wasn’t the British Museum’s version of the records that made it seem like a king was so selfish that he blackmailed carp so that the common people could easily eat them, then it must have been because carp was really tasty and attractive to him.

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Khun Krit concluded by saying this “Because it is delicious. Especially the carp eggs which can be used to make som roe, steamed fish roe, sour curry, and tom yum with fish roe. I feel that the young red tail golden carp will have more meat and more delicious and sweet taste than regular carp.” “

Sometimes the Boneless Tapian is fried in oil until the small bones become crispy and edible. It may actually be the Lord’s favorites list at the end of the blessing. Who knows…?

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It was first published online on November 1, 2023.

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