The young man suspects his wife. The older my daughter gets, the more she looks like a “Western kid”, and the DNA test shows that this is really her fault!

An Asian young man doubts his wife. The daughter is cute like a doll. But the older I get, the more I look like a “Western kid.” The DNA test results are clear. This is actually because of my bloodline!

A couple in Sichuan Province, China, after his wife gave birth to their first daughter. Family is like loyalty. They were filled with happiness as they watched the baby grow up every day, but at the same time, they were also filled with confusion. Looking at the cute doll-like face looking more and more like an alien.

As for the husband, how much does the mother love his wife and believe in her? But when faced with such a situation, one can’t help but wonder in his mind whether the wife is “having an affair” behind his back or not. So he calmly checked his wife’s daily routine. But after some time, no bug was found. Or the possibility of her being unfaithful. In the end, I decided to conduct a DNA test on my daughter to find out the real reason.

In the end, the husband discovered the reason for his daughter’s foreign, doll-like face. It was actually because Sai chose his family’s side. Because his grandmother was However, it is difficult to explain why he has a purely Asian face and does not have any “mixed race” features from his biracial ancestry. But it became clear on his daughter’s face instead. Or is this called “intergenerational inheritance?”

After this story was shared online this is a very rare case of intergenerational inheritance. It has become an issue that has received a lot of attention. Chinese netizens left messages saying: “Unbelievable”, “It’s okay, don’t think too much”, “Same breed. Same bloodline.” His little daughter is so cute.

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