A mother is heartbroken. Her 10th class daughter hanged herself out of frustration that she was tricked into selling her mobile phone. Leave a letter pointing out the evidence

Unfortunately, a Grade 6 student was tricked into selling her phone online and lost nearly 20,000 baht. Due to this, he became depressed and decided to commit suicide by hanging himself.

A tragic incident has occurred in Pak Panang District. Nakhon Si Thammarat Province has 6 female students preparing to enter university in the next few months. He decided to end his own life

Then Police Lieutenant Colonel Sawat Nyomdecha, Chief Inspector of Koh Tuat Police Station, Pak Panang District, delved into the details. It was found that the 19-year-old student was suffering from severe emotional distress along with the relatives of the deceased. The female student was tricked into exchanging money after online fraudsters tricked her into selling her iPhone for a hefty sum of 18,500 baht. But he was distraught when he realized that he had been cheated. It made him think briefly at the age of 19 amid the woes of his relatives. and fellow students

The family found key evidence in the form of a letter explaining what had happened and the source of the money, as well as asking the mother to return the money to two friends, the 18,500 baht being transferred was unbelievable. The proof was in the chat. If your mother wants your money back, she will report it. He also apologized to mom and said I am not short-sighted. This letter has left the family deeply saddened by their loss.

Police Lt. Col. Sawat Nyomthecha, Chief Inspector of Koh Thuat Police Station, Pak Panang District, Nakhon Si Thammarat conducted a detailed investigation and received relevant information. The store side is located in Mae Sai District, Chiang Rai Province, and the target horse account was found to be a bank account that received money from the deceased’s account 4 times. The name of the horse account was female, officials said. Found it confiscated and reported to the bank Checking the information at this time, the phone shop with the name on the page doesn’t seem to actually be in the Chiang Rai area. As for the technical investigation, the cyber police have now traced the suspect and registered a case.

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