The world's most expensive feather auction is one line at a price of up to 1 million baht: PPTVHD36

In New Zealand, the feathers of an extinct bird are being auctioned off. The final price is more than one million riyals.

On May 20, New Zealand's Webb Auctions held an auction of rare feathers from the extinct native New Zealand Huia. It was sold for 46,521 New Zealand dollars (about 1.03 million baht), making it the most expensive feather in the world sold at auction.

The price is higher than initial estimates of between NZ$2,000 and NZ$3,000. Or 15-20 times higher than expected.

Moreover, the recent auction broke previous records. The previous highest auction price for a Hoya feather was just $8,400 in 2010.

Leah Morris, head of decorative arts at Webb Auction House, believes the reason for the high bid is that this is the only feather in such excellent condition. “The huya is a unique bird. Many people relate to this bird in some way.

She said the feather is one of the best Hoya feathers ever put on the market. “The fur is not as matted… You can see it still has a lot of colour… dark brown and iridescent. There were no signs of insect damage.”

The feather has been registered as a 'Taonga Tuturu' or Māori Objects Protection Scheme under the Ministry of Culture and Heritage. Which means only registered Ta'onga Tuturu collectors can purchase the feathers. Feathers cannot be taken out of New Zealand without permission.

The Hooya is New Zealand's largest flying bird. She is known for her beautiful music. The fur is mostly shiny black. The tail feathers are long and have white tips. They were last seen in 1907.

The huia bird is a sacred animal for the Maori people. It appears in songs and sayings. This type of feather is usually reserved for Rangatira. (Clan Head) and those who only had mana (prestige), these birds were indeed rare. But when Europeans arrived in New Zealand and feathers became common, there was hunting that eventually led to extinction.

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