After Humane AI Pin received poor reviews, there are recent rumors that Humane is preparing to sell the company!

After Humane, a startup, launched AI Pin, an AI-powered smart brooch device, in April 2024, it was criticized by many critics as a device that still had many flaws. Recently it was reported that the company is looking for a buyer willing to pay between $750 to $1 billion to buy the company. (which only launched one product)

Humane was first founded in 2018 by a former Apple executive who announced a screenless smart device, the Brush. But it can display the laser as a projector. It also has a camera, microphone, and touchpad, and uses artificial intelligence to make calls. Send and receive messages and feature questions and answers with artificial intelligence

Before launching its first product, Humane raised $240 million from investors last year, and the company was valued at $850 million by investors) before the actual product launch.

Bloomberg latest a reportHumane is looking for a buyer and has reached out to a financial advisor for assistance. The process of finding interested buyers is still in its early stages. There is still no certainty. In the end, there may be no deal to sell the company.

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