The United States and South Korea reach a revised bilateral security agreement: PPTVHD36

The United States and South Korea review strategies to respond to threats from North Korea. Reaching a solution to the mutual security agreement. Deterring threats from North Korea

This morning (November 13), South Korean Defense Minister Shin Won-sik received US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. To attend the annual Security Consultative Conference (SCM) held in Seoul. From South Korea

The US Department of Defense said that Lloyd Austin’s visit to South Korea comes during the 70th anniversary of the alliance between the United States and South Korea.

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This meeting focused on participating in confronting threats from North Korea by strengthening the implementation of the deterrence strategy. The United States believes that this strategy will use strategic military equipment of the United States. Including US nuclear forces. To protect their allied lands

This step is considered very important. Amid progress in developing North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missile programs, security talks between the two countries’ top defense leaders are expected to produce a detailed blueprint for the alliance’s future security.

Recently, the results of the discussion appeared. US Secretary of Defense and South Korea signed a revised bilateral security agreement.

Although the Korean Ministry of Defense did not reveal details about the amendments to the agreement, it stressed that making improvements to the agreement is necessary. This is due to the current strategy pursued by the United States and South Korea. It has failed to respond adequately to rapid progress in North Korea’s missile and nuclear weapons development programs.

The meeting was held amid tensions over the war between Israel and the armed Hamas movement. Including the Russian aggression in Ukraine previously reported and North Korea providing increased military support to Russia. Questions have been raised about North Korea’s support for the Hamas militant group.

After some media reported this, there is what appears to indicate that the Hamas armed group purchased some weapons from North Korea. Because a video from the armed group Hamas and some weapons seized by Israel indicates that Hamas used North Korean weapons to attack Israel on October 7, the first day of the attack. But North Korea denied this issue. With emphasis on this, it is a rumor created by the United States.

Meanwhile, yesterday (November 12), the US Secretary of Defense visited the Korean War Memorial in Seoul and laid a wreath in honor of American veterans. And South Korea during the visit to the aforementioned site. He praised the security work between the two countries.

North Korea demands the dissolution of the United Nations headquarters

Amid tensions on the Korean Peninsula, North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency reported that North Korea called for the dissolution of the United Nations Command, which it describes as an illegal war organization.

United Nations Command (UNC), a US-led multinational force that oversees affairs in the heavily fortified demilitarized zone. The barrier between the two Koreas, and this agency is responsible for monitoring compliance with the ceasefire agreement on the Korean Peninsula. The two Koreas are still technically at war.

North Korea’s moves are after last week’s South Korean Defense Ministry said in a statement: Senior defense leaders of South Korea and the United States will meet along with member states of the United Nations Command tomorrow (November 14) in Seoul.

To demand that North Korea end what they call illegal activities. and implement UN Security Council resolutions to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons by North Korea through its illegal activities. This includes cyber activities and actions that support the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

The United States-South Korea-Japan Korean information exchange agreement was reached.

Concerns about North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missile programs As a result, the US Secretary of Defense, the South Korean Defense Minister and the Japanese Defense Minister who participated in the online meeting were discussed together.

The South Korean Ministry of Defense announced yesterday (November 12) that the three parties have reached an agreement on a project to jointly share real-time North Korean missile information. It will start in December.

On the other hand, the defense ministers of the three countries also discussed issues of enhancing cooperation between the three parties. Reaching an agreement on the complete denuclearization of North Korea. It also expressed concern about North Korea’s attempts to develop nuclear weapons.

The three countries also condemned the increasing military cooperation between North Korea and Russia. He considered this a violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions and stressed the importance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

During the movement in Japan yesterday, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces and local officials, numbering about 200 individuals, participated in a simulation exercise to deal with natural disasters. Such as tsunamis and earthquakes on Yonaguni Island It is the westernmost island of Okinawa and the most difficult to navigate. But it is located only 110 kilometers from Taiwan.

The exercises aim to highlight the difficulties Japan may face in evacuating people from remote islands. This exercise is also useful in dealing with other threats, local officials said. Or respond to future Chinese attacks on Taiwan as well.

This was in August last year. China launched a missile into the sea. It is close to Yonaguni Island in response to a visit by Nancy Pelosi, then Speaker of the US House of Representatives, to Taiwan.

US actions in Taiwan and Russia’s war in Ukraine have caused great concern for Japan. Because it may cause China to attack this island. Meanwhile, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida plans to unveil plans to double defense spending over the next five years in December.

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