Get to know the adidas ADIZERO running shoe family at the end of 2023. Each model is suitable for any type of running, let’s see.

We are entering the end of 2023. Since the beginning of this year, Adidas has launched several new models from the ADIZERO running shoe family. In this article we will summarize and take everyone to know each model of running shoes in this speed family.

The ADIZERO family of running shoes is a running shoe focused on competition and speed training. First released in 2008, the adidas adizero Adios 1 was worn by Haile Gebrselassie in the Berlin Marathon and won the championship in 2.03.59 hours. The first runner to achieve a time faster than 2 hours and 4 minutes, after which Adidas developed other models of ADIZERO running shoes.

adidas ADIZERO competitive running shoe in 2023

Adidas adizero prime

The Adizero Prime is equipped with three layers of Lightstrike Pro foam, the main components remaining the full length upper and lower. It uses two carbon panels filled with a piece of Lightstrike Pro foam in front of the foot. To promote greater responsiveness the upper uses the latest innovation, Strung, where each fiber is woven using carefully analyzed data to ensure maximum precision. So as to produce a shoe that wraps the foot smoothly and smoothly, and is lightweight but still strong enough to support the foot well.Comes with a diameter of 6.5mm (heel thickness 50mm, forefoot thickness 43.5mm.) Weight 295g (UK size 8.5)) Fit for speed The competition from 0-42 km (without taking into account the rules) is available at a price of 9400 baht on the Adidas Thailand website >>

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Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 3

Top running shoe designed for race day. This comes with a soft and flexible two-layer Lightstrike Pro midsole, which has some grooves and perforations for shock absorption and energy return, and uses new EnergyRods 2.0 attached to the pieces. Same to create more power and helps increase returning force while running better. To help runners be able to run long distances well. Provides energy for both the half marathon and full marathon distance. The upper uses a new lightweight mesh fabric. Good ventilation Designed for competition Ready to specifically meet the needs of athletes It uses a Continental rubber outsole in the forefoot and uses a soft rubber layer with larger holes than before. Comes in a diameter of 9 mm (heel thickness 39 mm, forefoot thickness 30 mm). Weight 238 grams (UK size 8.5) Suitable for race day from 0 to 42 km and, subject to regulations, can climb onto the podium to receive prizes. Available for 8,000 baht on Adidas Thailand website >>

Adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 9

Running shoe for short race days from 0-21km using the company’s high quality foam, Lightstrike PRO, full length Drop: 6mm (heel thickness 33mm, forefoot thickness 27mm) Weight 181g (size 8.5UK) Provides softness and good responsiveness. It still comes with ENERGYRODS carbon rods that are placed along the bones of the foot to provide stability. There is more natural forward power. Reduce energy loss to a minimum. It’s finished with a low-profile Continental rubber outsole on the outsole. With rubber tread in the forefoot, it is available for 6,700 baht on the Adidas Thailand website >>

Adidas Adizero Adios 8

Lightweight running shoe for short distances from 0-21km Maintains the thin, flat racing style of the Adios running shoes, with Lightstrike Pro midsole in the forefoot for responsiveness and Lightstrike 2.0 midfoot foam to help increase stability and usability ENERGYTORSION ROD 2.0 3-axis adds On the forefoot for improved energy return and responsiveness. Lightweight mesh upper. Good ventilation and Continental rubber outsole provides superior traction on all types of terrain Drop 9mm (heel thickness 29mm and forefoot thickness 20mm) Weight 216g (UK size 8.5) Available for 5,200 baht on adidas Thailand website > >

adidas ADIZERO running training shoes in 2023

Adidas Adizero Boston 12

A running shoe designed for speed training from 0 to 42 km in preparation for competition day. The midsole is still using two layers since the Boston 10. The top layer is Lightstrike PRO, the company’s top-of-the-line foam, which is soft and has good energy return. The bottom layer is Lightstrike 2.0, a new foam that increases cushioning and responsiveness, along with ENERGYRODS 2.0, which contains a mixture of fiberglass to enhance responsiveness during running. Helps move forward smoothly from heel to toe. Engineered mesh upper is thinner and more breathable than before. Breathability is better As for the outsole, it still uses the beloved Continental rubber, which has a pattern designed to provide better traction, 7mm height (38mm heel, 31mm forefoot), and 261g weight (UK size 8.5) Available at Price 5800 baht on Adidas Thailand website >>

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Adidas Adizero SL

Everyday Running Shoe, Suitable for 0-42K Training The Adizero Takumi Sen9 design has been used and modified to use a lightweight, full-length Lightstrike EVA midsole, with Lightstrike Pro foam placed underfoot for more responsiveness for everyday running. The outsole has the same pattern as the ADIZERO BOSTON 11 shoe with a blade-shaped tread. Placed diagonally for good grip on the surface Drop 10mm (heel thickness 35mm thickness forefoot 25mm) Weight 243.25g (UK size 8.5) Available for 4,500 baht on adidas Thailand website >>

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In 2023, Adidas running shoes are a success in terms of competition. Breaking world records and born to be a winner There was also the launch of Hyper Shoes that outperformed Super Shoes such as the adidas adizero adios Pro Evo 1 and successfully reached the podium. It’s been a great year for Adidas too, so what will 2024 hold? Let’s wait and watch together.

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