The Thai national team is continuing its fitness ahead of the World Cup qualifiers, with Chanathip Songkrasin training separately.

The Thai men's national football team continues training at the PG3 Training Center in preparation for the World Cup qualifiers, Asian region, Group C, matches of rounds 5 and 6, where they will meet China and Singapore.

This training Masatada Ishii The focus remains on preparing the body to be ready. Playing together has increased to make players understand each other better and Chanathip Songkrasin still practices separately.

Before training Acaravong fumoiset The Thai national team midfielder said: “When the names were announced, I was sitting in a cafe with Pemika and Pipo Sirut Chatung. When the names were announced, I could not do anything. My hands were shaking.” I can't say what I should do, I am happy and I have to thank Coach Ishii for giving me the opportunity to be a player in the Thai national team. It's been a dream since childhood. It's too far for me. But today I have reached the dream I set for myself, and I am very happy. In the past, it would have been very difficult to live every year if it was difficult. But I persevered until today.”

“At that time I came to train with BG. Now that I am a national team player, I am happy to be back. When I was a trainee, I was an ordinary trainee. Today, as a footballer, I am happy. For my style I will try to learn tactics from the coach and older team members As soon as possible. To develop yourself and continue on the field if I have the opportunity, I will definitely do my best. Everyone is friendly and some people have already met in the club with a warm atmosphere. The match against China hopes to collect three points and with the continuation of the match “Singapore, there will be a chance to qualify for the next round.”

side Irfan state The rising star of the Thai national team said: “I am excited to join the senior Thai national team. It is a great honor for me. For this position I respect the coach for the role he wants us to play. I am ready for every position. The older members of the team were nice, they have a good sense of humour, They didn't put as much pressure on us as we expected. Some of the seniors really worked together. The seniors advised us to be confident and determined in the game. For me, the opportunity to play on the field often helps me improve my decision-making process at this time Should I push him or do it next? With the Chinese team I think we can fight going to China, you have to hope to get the three points because it affects entering the next round. Please help support us. “

For the senior Thai national team, there is a program to compete in. 2026 World Cup qualifiers Asia Zone, Round 2, Match 5, meets China at the Shenyang Olympic Center in China, followed by the home opener against Singapore. At Rajamangala Stadium

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