The Smell of Love (Episode 9) Nonkul is very excited, and demands space from Bright’s heart.

The more it airs, the more intense the wait equation becomes for the YPR series The smell of love (I feel like you’re still in the air This week is organized YYDS Entertainment And De Hoop’s house Full of every flavour, every emotion, happy, sad, mixed until the liver collapses. The moment of love between Khun Yai and Jeom and while obstacles begin to appear in front of the two to test their strength and fortitude towards each other, all fans can prepare their tissues to wipe their tears in this scene.

Through this week’s story Gom (Nonkon Shannon) Feeling extreme discomfort and fever but I got Khun Yai. (Bright Rabbong) Caution and attention until the symptoms disappear. While Ms. Yai just learned from her mother. Such as Hunying Khaikai (Tung Savitri) That he was betrothed to Busapong, daughter of Phraya Suradet, so that the two families could be linked together.

The smell of love, episode 9

Khun Yai had a sad expression after finding out even though he tried to protest what happened. Therefore, he spent as much time as possible with Gom. But secrets cannot remain secret forever. Because Jum knew the truth later. This leads to them spending some time reconsidering their forbidden relationship. In this work, each of them will choose to do what is right or what they like.

The smell of love, episode 9

Follow and find out in the series. The Smell of Love, Episode 9 (I Feel You Staying in the Air) on Friday, October 13 at 10:15 pm on Channel 131 and via the YOUKU International app. And special with the UNCUT edition from 11:30pm onwards only on the YOUKU International app!

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