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Nawamintha Maharat Day commemorates the death of King Rama IX

Thai Foreign Stocks: Dow Jones closed the market (October 12), the Dow closed at 33,631.14 points, down 173.73 points (0.51%), and the NASDAQ closed at 15,184.10 points, down 57.02 points (0.37%). The Thai Stock Exchange Index closed at 4,349.61 points, down 27.34 points (0.62%), while the Thai Stock Exchange Index closed at 1,450.75 points, down 5.24 points (0.36%), with a value of 36,906.33 million baht.

Gold is stable: Gold prices were announced on October 12 by the Gold Dealers Association. Price of gold bullion purchased at 33,150.00 baht per baht, sold at 32,050.00 baht per baht, gold jewelry purchased at 31,578.28 baht per baht, sold at 32,750.00 baht per baht, gold price decreased by 150 baht compared to 11. Oct.

The value of the baht continues to fall: As for the value of the baht in relation to global currencies, yesterday (October 12) it was kept low by the Bank of Thailand. Determine the weighted average exchange rate between commercial banks. The value of the baht is 36.3690 baht per US dollar, 45.0225 baht per 1 pound, 38.8244 baht per 1 euro, 24.6307 per 100 yen, and 4.6660 baht per 1 Hong Kong dollar. The baht was set at 26.8688 baht per 1 Singapore dollar and 7.7812 per 1 Malaysian ringgit.

Uniqlo profits rise after yen weakness: Fast Retailing Co., owner of the popular clothing brand Uniqlo, reported on (Oct. 12) that year-to-date operating profits increased by 28%, reaching an all-time high for the second year in a row. This was supported by the recovery after the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in China and the depreciation of the yen. Rapid Profits Retail sales reached 381.1 billion yen (US$2.56 billion) in the 12 months to August. This is more than the 297.3 billion yen level that was the previous record last year.

Thailand and Turkey prepare to revive FTA negotiations: Ms. Nalini Thaweesin, Thai Trade Representative said after discussion with Ms. Serap Ersoy, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Thailand that Thailand and Turkey agreed to advance their FTA. Because in the past there were 7 rounds of negotiations, but they had to be stopped in 2021 due to internal factors. In Turkey, Thailand is ready and willing to return to negotiations as soon as Turkey completes the process of reviewing its policy.

The goal that can be guaranteed by the Regional Administrative Organization Office: Captain Thmanat Frumfaw, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives revealed after chairing the meeting of the Agricultural Land Reform Committee (Agricultural Land Reform Committee) No. 5/2023 that the meeting decided to approve the principle of improving the ownership document SPK4-01 to upgrade it to a deed. Agricultural land ownership. According to the Agricultural Land Reform Law within important criteria and conditions such as: 1. Land continues to be allocated for agriculture according to the capabilities of the region 2. Exchanges can be made between qualified farmers as determined by the law. 3. It can be used as collateral for a loan with any financial institution. Especially governmental financial institutions and others.

The first meeting with the opposition: Mr. Chithwat Tulathon, leader of the Kao Clay Party. Press conference after the first meeting of the opposition coalition consisting of the Democratic Party, the Thai Sangh Party and the Adel Party, and the atmosphere of the conversation was good. He requested cooperation from all parties. In creative work to strengthen the opposition coalition’s mission for the next four years, in addition to inspecting the government’s work in order to raise the efficiency of government administration. And creating engagement with the public sector

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