The Royal Thai Prison Service has yet to release CCTV footage of “Bung” to relatives. The lawyer imposed a penalty of 4 days.

5 days before his death, the reformatory hospital handed over 28 documents related to the treatment results of “Pung Taluong” to the Pung Legal Committee. Only the CCTV footage of the day of the incident is still not available. “Attorney Tang” has 4 days to get it, saying that the faces of unrelated people should be blurred first. Ready to question why it took so long? Even if it is taken to the Director General of Prisons to look into it. Awaiting to collect all supporting documents from both parties before summarizing the facts to find answers to questions about hospital inserting breathing tube in wrong position

Correctional Institution, Correctional Hospital, Klang Prem Central Prison, Nghamwongwan Road, May 20 at 9:30 am Ms Weeratha Kongtanakunroj or lawyer Fern Human Rights Lawyers Center lawyers received power of attorney from the parents of Ms Netiborn Sane Sangom or Bung Taluang, who died while in a correctional hospital. . Along with Talu's friends, Mr. Talu has been with friends since May 14 as requested by lawyers and relatives since May 14 to provide documents stating the results of 5 days of Bung treatment and information about CCTV footage from the day of the incident. Thiraphat Pratapkev and Mrs. Wichayaborn Tunkasen from Talu Wang Group, Mr. from Talu Khas Group. Chitchai Prat or Oil, come with the freedom of those close to the palace.

Reporters said the correctional facility allowed only seven members of the media and lawyers to enter the area, while Punk's friends were told to wait outside. Talu Vang creates discontent among the team and the hospital is deeply humiliated. Later, the authorities closed the entrance to the hospital and assigned personnel to look after it. So the Talu Wang crowd brought 12 pictures of Bang Taluang in various appearances and arranged them as miniatures at the hospital entrance.

Then at 12.30 Mr. from Human Rights Lawyers Center. Kritsathang Nudjarat or Lawyer Dang, Ms Kuntika Nudjarat or Lawyer Chai had already traveled to join the waiting lawyer Fern. At the same time, Ms. Nathanich Duangmusit or Pang's close friend, Paibo Taluang, carrying the picture of the catfish used to decorate the front of the Abhidhamma prayer. Arrive in front of the hospital entrance. The casket containing the ashes of Mr. Ready to keep Thiraphat Pratupkev. Awaiting the results of Punk's retrospective treatment.

As of 1:00 p.m., a group of lawyers from the Human Rights Lawyers Center, led by lawyer Tang, are coming out of the Royal Hospital to get the requested documents in a brown envelope before announcing the results to the media. It's a total of 27-28 pages of documentation that you should go back and check first. Because I haven't unpacked the package yet. The hospital asked for time to collate and use a technique to blur the faces of non-involved people before sending CCTV footage of the incident to the prosecution. I sympathize with the Royal Hospital. But watch it as a short film. So only 4 days have been given to get it from Friday 24th May.

“Personally, I don't think it will last long because it's a camera that only captures pictures of sunflowers and the bed the sunflowers are lying on. A picture of the time Slug was taken to the emergency room for CPR, and a picture of the car when Slug was sent to Thammasat Hospital. Confirm your reason for liking the anime. To check whether document statements are consistent or not. Importantly, the Justice Minister said that the correctional hospital had prepared the pictures of the day of the incident for the Director General of Prisons and for himself. So, it shouldn't take too long,” said lawyer Long. To this day, I have yet to speak with a correctional hospital about care for a botched endotracheal intubation. But it has been confirmed that relatives are already involved in this case. But we have not spoken yet because we have to bring the documents we got. Go back and check first. I am sure he knows our questions. Because they published both a book and a report and learned that journalists had been summoned to see the room where Bung was being treated. So, I was disappointed why the CCTV footage of the day of the incident was not brought to me. From now on I will travel to Thammasat Hospital. May 14th to request the CCTV, awaiting lab results to test the fluid in the slug and we will use it to collate the information to hold a meeting to discuss and summarize the facts.

Attorney Long also referred to the question of the possibility of the case becoming a case of unlawful killing under Section 155/1 of the Criminal Procedure Code if the death was caused by the actions of the authorities or under the control of the authorities. . In an extraordinary case it claims to perform its duties, there should be a trial or not. If a gross negligence appears to have occurred, it may be considered an unnatural death. Because he died while in the custody of the authorities it says it was in the line of duty and this is a case requiring an autopsy and a case of extrajudicial killing, which only the Attorney General can decide. However, all medical documents will have to wait. Bank's death must be proved to have been caused by negligence. Or not grossly negligent or negligent? It was noted whether the endotracheal tube was inserted in the wrong position or not. At this time, we first want to wait for the documents that clearly prove the criminal case.

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