Google adds games, videos, browsers, and more to Android Auto

Google recently announced support for games, videos, and web browsers in Android Auto, with the aim of providing a better in-car experience. According to data, there are more than 200 million vehicles that support Android Auto.

Apps like Uber Driver are also available on Android Auto and allow drivers to accept rides and deliveries. And get turn-by-turn directions on a bigger screen Google also announced that Android Auto will soon support games, videos, and even internet browsers.

These are promises that Google will provide a more immersive experience. Similar to what's found in Google's built-in cars, users can expect new apps and games including Angry Birds, Max and Peacock, as well as Google Cast which will allow users to send video from their smartphones or tablets to their car's display while it's parked. This feature will be rolled out to Rivian vehicles in the coming months. It will continue to spread to other generations.

Finally, Google has released a series of mini-games to promote upcoming Android features. The company has partnered with the McLaren F1 Team to promote the game. It even went as far as to feature Lando Norris and Oscar Beatri in their videos.

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