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Dune began with Frank Herbert, an American writer. Author and publisher of the 1965 science fiction novel, as well as five sequels to the main story of the Dune universe. Before it was made into a film in 1984 by director David Lynch (David Lynch), which did not receive a very good response from fans of the book. 37 years later, in 2021, Dune has been picked up and made into a movie. The hand of director Denis Villeneuve, the action and science fiction director who has previously left works such as Hitman, Arrival And Blade Runner 2049 Catch This adaptation of Villeneuve's works is said to delight cinephiles and book lovers alike. It received such positive reviews that studio Warner Bros. The green light has been given to release the second part this year Sand Dunes: Part Two

A story set in the world of Dune, both in the film and in the novel. It is the story of humanity about twenty thousand years in the future. After humans fought a war with highly intelligent computers and won that war. Make computers or all artificial intelligence technology prohibited. Humans live in different stars. Throughout the galaxy under the rule of various families of Emperors and Dukes. Similar to the feudal systems of medieval Europe. Of course, there can be no pole of power as important as religion. Religion in the world of Dune comes in the form of the school of Bene Gesserit, a group of women who train their minds and bodies to control everything in their bodies. You can also control others by using your voice. The Benedict School acts as a manipulator of everything, like the “deep state” behind important events. Everything happened as well

Story line in Sand Dunes: Part Two It will be a continuation of the story from the end in the film. Sand Dunes: Part One After the escape of Paul Atreides (Paul Atreides), played by Timothée Chalamet (Timothée Chalamet), and Lady Jessica (Lady Jessica), played by Rebecca Ferguson (Rebecca Ferguson), Paul's mother, from a massacre committed by the Harkonnen after the Atreides. He receives an order from the Emperor to accept the privilege of harvesting the medicine “Spice”, which is violently harvested on the harsh desert planet Arrakis and believed to be the rarest and most valuable commodity in the universe. It can only be harvested from the planet Arrakis, the only source in the universe. The “Spice” harvesting privilege has long been owned by the Harkenon family. This led to the Harkenon family planning the massacre and destruction of the Atreides family. Before Paul and Jessica ran away to join the “Fremen”, the indigenous people who lived in poverty on the planet Arrakis.

The Freemans have a prophecy about the “Tongue of the Unseen” that will help free the Freemans and cause the planet Arrakis to change from desert to desert. Which religious groups view as Paul. He is the one who will fulfill the prophecy and be the liberator of the Freeman. On the other hand, Paul has to work hard to join Freeman's group in order to survive in the harsh environment of the planet Arrakis. He finds a way to get revenge on his father by dealing with the source of the conflict that led to the Atreides massacre.

In it, Paul Atreides closed everything and became “the tongue of the crippled” according to the prophecy, and he succeeded in gathering Fremen soldiers to fight against the emperor’s forces. But Paul's influence on the Fremen was greater. At the beginning of the story we see the Fremen's method of draining fluids from the dead bodies of their enemies for further use. Because on the poorest desert planet, water is something that cannot be wasted. Their way of life will always be linked to water. Even their graves had the fluids drained from the bodies of the dead Fremen, and collected in large pools. No matter how thirsty you are, no one will come to drink, because this is the sacred water of the Fremen ancestors. But at the end of the story we see them abandoning this lifestyle. The enemy's lifeless body was burned, unable to contain the most precious substance in the body, water. Before they gradually boarded the ship with Paul or Lisan al-Quaib, their spiritual leader. Abandoning the old way of life that had been passed down through the Fremen generations. It shows the strength and strong faith of the Fremen in the tongue of the Qu'aib.

But the matter would have been easier and less complicated if the language of the Qaib had originated from the beliefs of the Fremen themselves. It is not the result of the office's actions. “Benegesterit” In the past “Benegesterit” sent members of the organization to different planets. Across the galaxy to spread religion and make prophecies. In case any member of the organization in the future accidentally lands on another planet. That girl will be able to survive. The Fremen's prophecy that “Lisan al-Qa'ib” would become their savior was in fact a legacy planted by the school. Benjeseret also does not consider that the thing that helped Paul to become the prophecy's “Lisan al-Qa'im” was the knowledge and information he received through education. Well, before he came to Planet Akaris, there was also his planet Akaris. The mother, Mrs. Jessica, was a member of the sect. “Benegesterit” controls everything.

This is an example of how strong belief and belief are. Sometimes religion itself is a tool used by the state or organizations to control or create benefits for those in power. The strength and faith of the Fremen in Lisan al-Qa'ib were also important factors in Paul's ability to avenge his father, Duke Leto, and become the new emperor. This is another difference between Sand Dunes: Part Two And other science fiction and action films because if it were nothing else his being the chosen one of the protagonist would be presented as a hero who builds the morale and morale of the viewers, but Sand Dunes: Part Two Choose to criticize the conventions of the genre. This makes us wonder and doubt that Paul eventually led the Fremen army to fight to liberate them and give them freedom. Or do they see the men of justice as a force and a tool for his revenge and political maneuvering?

Sand Dunes: Part Two So it stands out from a sci-fi movie. Another action story that offers a fantasy and modern take. Or the story of the battle between humans and other things, whether they are aliens. Artificial intelligence machines or the power of evil, however Sand Dunes: Part Two Instead, it tells the story of a world 20,000 years in the future in which the aristocratic regimes of medieval Europe have been brought back into existence. Neither side is fighting over weapons or technology. But it's about taking turns using your strength and resources to move the pieces in order to win. The enemy of man is none other than man himself. What is the motive for killing their fellow human beings? What made the little boy become a strong, god-like man? What is the fine line between right and wrong? In humanity's fantasy story of the next twenty thousand years in the future. From the screenplay of a novel that is nearly sixty years old but its content still influences the hearts and minds of people today. This is the true greatness of the dune.

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