The prototype of the Cybertruck is mocked because he is looking for a very eccentric person

Why would they choose to brag about this to the public?

after thinking

All eyes were on Tesla late last week.

After inflating the company’s brand new plant in Texas, Musk Took some time on stage To show off his latest prototype of his brutal company Cybertruck.

But after years of delays, Tesla still has a lot to show off — and a prototype was shown last week Leaves much to be desired.


Sure enough, from afar, it looked like an electronic truck. But the “Cyber ​​Rodeo” event attendees took a closer look, too.

And up close, the prototype looked just as bad, almost like an afterthought, as seen in shots Uploaded to YouTube by Cyber ​​Owners.

We’re not just talking about plate gaps here, as it were Familiar to the brand In the past. The prototype looks incomplete, as if Tesla was surprised by the giant party it was hosting.

The doors are not the same color as the rest of the car.

“Everything is curved, curved at odd angles, leaving room for large gaps in the panels,” JalopnikSteve DaSilva books. “I hope they don’t drop out.”

Where is my truck?

None of this is completely reassuring, considering that Cybertruck was indeed delay number of times.

At the event, Musk revealed that the car is now slated to go into production next year, an average consolation prize for those who Pre-ordered their trucks More than two years ago.

The company’s latest offering doesn’t instill more confidence — we still need to see a production-ready version of Musk’s passionate project, despite the CEO’s many promises.

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