The power stations stock index closed down 7.51 points Daily News

Thai stock sentiment on November 30, 2023 moved into negative territory. Selling pressure for shares in the Power Stations Group comes from concerns about government intervention in electricity prices after the Energy Regulatory Authority announced an increase in foot charges. In contrast to the government’s policy of reducing electricity costs, the stock index closed at 5:02 pm at 1,380.18 points, down 7.51 points, or 0.54%, with a trading value of 76,183.57 million baht, while the MAI market closed at 1,380.18 points. 394.21 points, down 3.82 points, or 0.96%, with a trading value of 1,151.82 million baht.

Mr. Kitphon Pripisankit, Director of Analysis and Strategy at UOB Kay Hian Securities (Thailand), is of the opinion that the investment climate during this period has declined but not too bad because of the decline every day. It comes from a few key stocks, which have an atmosphere where there is a lot of movement. Stocks. There is still a good trend. So, there are two investment strategies for December 2023: A group that evaluates stocks with good cash flow. Most have earnings between 4-5% and those that expect Q4 results to be good.

Top 5 Traded Securities

1. CP all closed at 52.00 baht, up 0.25 baht.

2. AOT closed at 59.50 baht, an increase of 0.50 baht.

3.The stock closed at 32.50, down -2.50 baht.

4. Kasikorn Bank closed at 128.00 baht, down -3.50 baht.

5.PTT stock closed at 34.75 baht, down -0.25 baht.

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