“Baitoey Rsiam” reveals that the work queue is very tight, very long, with no breaks! | tvpoolonline.com

I must say that I am happy with the singer’s first freedom. “Betoy Sutyuan” or “Betoy Rasayam” After being released temporarily in order to return to her duties as a mother “Nong Whitmon” Completely recovered from being away for several months and also returned to the work he loved

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Recently, Baitoey Girl appeared live to reveal the long work waiting list. “Now I want to get a singing job first,” he revealed. “December starts in Phuket on December 1st, the waiting list is almost full now and is counting down. It continues until January 1st and then on the 25th it will be in Chiang Mai. And there is Hat Yai in January.”

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